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Instead of lawnmowers, the grass in Katowice is mowed by… sheep!

This is the umpteenth time that the Municipal Greenery Company in Katowice has hired sheep for work. The animals will take care of ‘mowing’ the grass in the green corners of the city. There will be three ‘traditional’ grass cuttings throughout the year, which is less than just a few years ago. This year, too, sheep will support the process.

The green task will be carried out by sheep of the Cameroonian variety. The city announces that initially the sheep will be seen on Na Obrzeżu Street. They have as much as 20,000 square metres to mow there. The work of the sheep will be watched by a breeder, who will select the right number of sheep for the location.

The Zakład Zieleni Miejskiej (Municipal Greenery Company) in Katowice plans that sheep will also appear at ul: Kijowska, Kostka Napieralskiego, Oswobodzenia, Tysiąclecia, Wantuły and Ziołowa. In total, the sheep will cover an area of 200,000 square metres. The sheep in Katowice will be working until 30 November.

Last year was the first time we used sheep for mowing – we wanted to see what it was like in practice. Previously, such activities had already appeared in the world – for example in Paris, and in our country in Gliwice. We thought this could be an interesting complement to traditional mowing. After the test use of sheep, we decided that it was worth extending the project, and that is why this year we have invited sheep to join us from May,” sums up Mieczysław Wołosz from Zakład Zieleni Miejskiej.

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Replacing lawnmowers with sheep is supposed to be just such an environmentally friendly measure. Of course, this does not apply to all greenery in the city. The animals, when released into larger areas, fertilise the soil, thus reducing the need for other fertilisers. Another advantage of the sheep’s operation is their… quiet operation. This is a huge difference compared to mechanical mowers. Their friendly image is also significant.


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