Intimate and by the sea. Archipelag Łeba designed by APA Wojciechowski

Architects from the Warsaw architectural office have designed an intimate complex of residential buildings with a swimming pool and other amenities. The Archipelag Łeba investment will be carried out by the Tri-City developer ALLCON. It is an interesting proposal for those looking for a comfortable place to rest in an attractive part of Poland.

Łeba is famous for its wide beaches and the largest belt of moving dunes in Europe. It is no wonder that the town attracts those longing for close contact with nature at different times of the year. With such people in mind, a new investment is being developed.

Archipelag Łeba is a new project by the APA Wojciechowski Architekci studio. When designing the premise, the architects focused on sustainable construction. This is important because the investment is located on Turystyczna Street, in a quiet corner of the city. The plot is adjacent to the forests of the National Park to the north and west, and to the river Łeba to the east and south. A few minutes’ walk is enough to get to the city centre or the seaside beach.

We tried to make the most of the plot’s advantages: not only for the sake of environmental protection and the principles of sustainable construction, but also so that the future owners of the flats and local residents could benefit from the advantages of nature,” says Szymon Wojciechowski, chairman of the board, co-owner, architect-partner in the award-winning studio APA Wojciechowski Architekci, whose projects are carried out in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

Wanting to maintain a balance and scale in relation to the city’s existing buildings, the architects designed buildings with three and four storeys. An interesting feature is the building planned for the centre of the complex. It is a two-storey building with sports and leisure functions and a swimming pool. On the other hand, space is planned on the side of Turystyczna Street for commercial premises. Shops, restaurants or cafés will be able to operate there. A public square, gazebo, playgrounds and relaxation areas will complete the entire complex.

Our ambition is that after the completion of the project there will be an open estate, full of quiet and intimate life, with classic yet unusual architecture, perfectly fitting the scale of a small town such as Łeba, adds arch. Szymon Wojciechowski.

The investor ALLCON, which is realising the project, has a lot of experience in building modern residential buildings awarded with the BREEAM certificate. Recently, one of the developer’s investments – the Atrium Oliva flats in Gdańsk – was awarded a BREEAM Final certificate in the New Construction: Residential category. This is the first investment in the Tri-City with this certificate. Its high score places it 3rd in Poland in this category. In the case of Archipelag Łeba, the investor is trying to obtain the BREEAM Communities certificate, which promotes the design of land development in relation to the surrounding context. So what does the investor plan in terms of nearby nature?

The architecture of Archipelag Łeba is to visually link the new buildings to the surroundings. This will be helped by the abundant greenery. Importantly, many of the old trees growing on the plot will become part of the new greenery arrangement. Others, however, will not be cut down. In order to protect specimens, the developer plans to replant around 20-30 trees – mainly oaks.

More than 200 new trees are planned to be planted. In addition, we estimate that more than 100,000 diverse plants will be planted on the project site: from shrubs to perennials, ornamental grasses and hydrophytic plants. Most of these are representatives of native species; we will be supplementing with other plants due to their evergreen nature, resistance to disease and pests and variable weather conditions. Theproject includes numerous rain gardens supplied with hydrophytic plants,” says Łukasz Śledź, Director of the Preparation and Investment Department at the ALLCON development company.

The implementation of the investment will be divided into several stages and will take several years. In the first place, ALLCON plans to build a building with 34 flats and commercial premises on the ground floor. A square will also be built.

Archipelag Łeba is another investment flat project that we are implementing outside the Tri-City. It is a proposal for people who dream of owning a seaside second home where they can come at any time of the year. We want to offer a new quality of spending free time, thanks to the possibility of resting in the conditions we have in our own home,” sums up Piotr Tarkowski, a board member of the ALLCON development company.

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