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Invest Komfort strategic partner of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

The opening of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw is fast approaching and will take place on 25 October this year. The building, designed by New York architect Thomas Phifer, will be a place accessible to everyone and will integrate various initiatives, cultural institutions, NGOs and creative circles. More and more is happening around the institution. It has just been announced that Invest Komfort has become the Museum’s strategic partner. The Tricity-based developer will extend its special patronage to events relating to architecture and education, and will also support the opening and exhibition activities of the MSN.

Both architecture and a multi-faceted dialogue: with the community, the city and history, link the mission of Invest Komfort and the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. The investor’s residential concepts are unique projects, ideally placed in the locational and historical context. The architecture it creates is distinguished by its idea, emotion and attention to detail. And some projects – such as the Sea Towers in Gdynia or the Brabank in Gdańsk – have become icons. Invest Komfort is also keen to invite artists whose work is a consistent element of its residential projects.

Museum of Modern Art as a meeting centre

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, in operation since 2005, is a public institution that not only collects works of art, but also researches and disseminates the heritage of contemporary culture. It is a place for dialogue and the joint formation of cognitive and aesthetic sensibilities.

The MSN’s mission is identical to our thinking, both about the possibilities of using space for social dialogue and shaping aesthetic sensibility or viewing architecture as cultural heritage. I am delighted that we will be working with an institution that is shaping and changing the outlook on contemporary art in Poland. MSN has also been focusing on education, including architectural education, which is particularly important for us,” comments Michał Ciomek, Vice President of Invest Komfort.

The new building of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw is located in the new centre of the capital, at the intersection of many urban routes. The spaces planned within it will allow the public to spend their free time in a variety of ways: from visiting exhibitions to participating in activities for children and adults to exploring the archives of contemporary artists.

MSN collaborates with a diverse range of groups and communities, as well as institutions in Poland and around the world. This autumn will see the long-awaited opening of the Museum’s new headquarters, located at the intersection of Marszałkowska and Świętokrzyska streets. Theopening of the MSN’s headquarters is certainly one of the most eagerly awaited cultural events in Poland 2024,” says Marta Wójcicka, head of the Museum’s marketing department.

Collaborating in a dialogue about urban planning

Invest Komfort will extend its patronage to both the opening and ongoing activities of the Museum, a particular area of Invest Komfort’s interest and support will be events around architecture and education. Invest Komfort will be sharing its insights on architecture and urban planning as part of the “Warsaw Under Construction” festival, among others, but will also take special patronage of architectural walks around the new building.

It is with great pleasure that we begin our cooperation with the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. We very much like the openness of the Museum, including the literal one, as well as the multi-faceted nature of the relationship and the possibility of creative ferment for anyone who decides to enter. I can already say that one of the activities we will patronise will be an architectural educational path,” announces Izabela Adamczak, Marketing Director of Invest Komfort.

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