It is in Józefów near Warsaw. A modern house among the trees

It is an example of modern architecture blended into the existing landscape. The house in Józefów was designed by architect Paweł Lis. The block stands on a small plot of land, and its advantage is the proximity of old and large trees.

The house was built 10 metres from the plot boundary. In order to create an optimal living space, the architect designed an elongated block, which was harmoniously embedded between the trees. The result is an elegant house with a discreet form. The façade contributes to this perception of the building. It is clad in dark, grey-beige stoneware and anthracite-coloured sheet metal. The building has been given a modern and minimalist shape, which fits in well with the green trees.

The building has large glazings, allowing natural light to flood into the interior, while the layout of the rooms provides a sense of privacy. Interestingly, the terrace on the side of the living room was deliberately not covered due to the large number of tall trees, which naturally shield this area from excessive sunlight.

The living area was created on the ground floor. There, the architect designed a living room with a dining area, an open kitchen and a study. The latter was located at the entrance to the house – it makes it possible to receive guests without having to go through the entire living area. The rooms are 3 m high, which contributes to the impression of space.

The private area was created on the first floor. It is accessed via an openwork staircase which is attached to a wall of raw architectural concrete. – For this purpose, the wall running through the two storeys was specially prepared and secured already at the shell stage, explains architect Paweł Lis. The private area consists of a bedroom with bathroom, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a laundry room.

The building is topped off with a two-car garage and photovoltaic panels on the roof. In total, the usable area of the building is 225 square metres.

PS how does Paweł Lis design? What kind of house would he like to live in? You can find our interview with the architect HERE.

photos: Radek Galczynski

design: Paweł Lis(

collaboration: Karolina Osuchowska

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