It is like a Lemko cottage. A house in the Low Beskids

It is surrounded by an idyllic landscape, providing a respite from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Like a Lemko cottage, the house blends in perfectly with its surroundings. The effect was achieved by using the right façade materials. The building was born out of the dreams of the investors, who love being in such surroundings. The investors in this case are an architect couple who designed the house for themselves.

When looking for a place to build the house, they considered several options. The choice fell on the village of Oderne in the municipality of Uście Gorlickie in the Beskid Niski mountains. Marcin Janusz designed the exterior and his partner Anna created the interior. For five years, they lived here together with their son Antek and their dog Moro. Today, they live in nearby Gorlice and rent the house occasionally.

When designing the building, the architect was inspired by Lemko chalets. These are traditional houses with pitched roofs, which were covered with thatch and, in later years, with shingles. Such buildings were erected on a rectangular plan. They were up to 20 m long and 6 to 7 m wide. In the modern version, the architect designed the house on a U-plan for functional reasons. He decided to cover the exterior walls and roof with cedar shingles, which acquired the intended patina after several months. The darker colour made the house blend in with the surrounding nature.

The U-plan construction of the house made it possible to create a huge terrace inside, with a surface area of 80 square metres. Thanks to the large, 6 m long folding doors, the terrace becomes part of the living room and enlarges the living area, opening it up to nature. The bedrooms also look out onto the terrace, which accentuates its importance even more.

Most of the furniture inside was made by the architect himself. Old planks from a local barn were used to create the right atmosphere. The boards were used, for example, for the shelves in the bathroom. Old cast-iron radiators, which the owners bought from a scrap yard, also add character to the interior.

In total, the building has a total area of 123 square metres and a usable area of 104 square metres.

photo: Marcin Grabowiecki(

design team: Marcin Janusz – architect, Wolarek and Zatorowski – constructions


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