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It is only 35 sq m in size. Summerhouse Hyttee in the Bardzkie Mountains

Its design was prepared by the architect duo Marlena Kilian and Marek Piojda. The Hyttee summer house was built in the Bardzkie Mountains. The building area is 35 square metres, so no planning permission was required.

The holiday home was built using CLT technology, with timber from sustainably managed forests. The architects presented its design at EXPO 2020 in Dubai. For this purpose, they prepared a special mock-up, which was finally presented to the Wrocław Museum of Architecture.

The house is modest, with a simple form. It was designed on a rectangular plan measuring 8.8 x 4 m. In order to refer to the traditional architecture of the region, the architects proposed a gabled roof. The building’s façade is decorated with dark-coloured larch, so that the building blends in with the green landscape.

The entrance to the house is on the south-west side. On the opposite side, the façade is formed by a large sliding window 3.5 m wide. Another glazing is located in the bedroom. The windows open onto a spacious terrace that surrounds the house on three sides. A useful detail is the bay window in the north elevation. It is deep enough to act as a seat.

The largest part of the house is the living area. It is the living room connected to the kitchenette. In addition, there is a bathroom and a mezzanine to which a comfortable staircase leads. The bedrooms are located on the ground floor and on the mezzanine. The first bedroom has a double bed, while the mezzanine has two separate beds which can be joined together.

Staying in a house designed in this way is intended to give a sense of communing with nature. This is facilitated by the interior design. The walls of the rooms are decorated with wood, and the visible grain of the boards is intended to have a decorative function. The kitchen is also well thought-out. The furniture in this area was designed by the architects.

photo by Monika Luniak

The living room is dominated by a chrome sofa by Czechoslovak designer Robert Slezak. The chrome pieces were polished by Marlena and the upholstery was sewn by a friendly craftsman. The pendant lamps in the bedrooms and the bathroom are also a combination of old and new, which was made by herself. The furniture in Hyttee 2.0 has a history that gives it atmosphere and soul. The round white table and the contrasting yellow chairs create the modern character of the interior, perfectly matching the Bauhaus-style sofa and the Wega armchair from the 1970s. The whole is a coherent and thoughtful interior, the authors of the project describe.

Interestingly, the house has the name ‘Hyttee 2.0’. The number is not accidental. The architects already designed a similar house a few years ago. We wrote about it HERE.

design: Marlena Kilian and Marek Piojda(

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