It’s bright and colourful! Loft flat in Gdansk

Its interior was designed by Michal Raca of Raca Studio. The flat is located in the attic of one of the apartment buildings on Garnizon in Gdańsk. The bright space has been filled with various textures and colours, which, when put together, work well together.

The architect was lucky with the investor. She endowed him with trust and freedom of action. The flat is 47 square metres and is located in the attic. Initially, the slanted ceilings posed many problems, but it was possible to turn them into an asset that adorns the space.

We received two seemingly contradictory requests from the investor. Theflat was to have a concrete floor and it was to be warm, fresh and feminine at the same time,” says Michał Raca.

The architect decided to focus on colours. The base is the omnipresent white and concrete grey on the floor. Bold colours appear on this background like a canvas. The monotony of the floor is broken by a strip of terazzo tiles. This strip runs through the entire flat up to the bathroom, where it changes its tonality. The pattern itself was specially designed by the architect with this interior in mind. The patterned floor is emphasised by a black strip.

The functional layout proposed by the developer required changes. The original kitchenette in the alcove behind the chimney was not functional, so the floor plan was reshaped to accommodate a larger kitchen. The kitchen range was positioned on the gable wall as a free-standing, lightweight piece of furniture in a soft pink colour with a bold terazzo worktop. This created space in the alcove behind the chimney for a generous bookcase, in which a fridge and a tall cargo cabinet were ‘hidden’. The front of the fridge was made of rosewood veneer and it opens with one of four brass handles in the shape of a quarter circle.

An important decorative element in the flat is a painting by Magdalena Peli that our client took from her previous flat. It was from it that we took the colour scheme, which is repeated in the interior. It was placed behind the sofa, on the built-in furniture that separates the bedroom from the living room. We saved some space this way, because with such small spaces, every centimetre counts,” adds the designer.

The interior is decorated with a table designed by Raca Studio. It has a simple form and consists of a milled top with rounded corners and two Y-shaped bases. Its form makes it seem heavy and light at the same time. The impression arises from the position from which it is viewed. A bench and four lightweight chairs in different colours are placed at the table.

Michal Raca – Raca Studio

Above the table hangs a lamp, the design of which is an original idea prepared with Totem Light. The stone elements in three colours of marble allude to the interior, as does the brass finish.

The large, rounded wardrobe at the entrance is also a decorative element of the space. It was possible to fit a litter tray for the cat inside, which is accessed through a circular opening.

The bedroom is also attractive, as it is separated from the bathroom by fluted glass in thin pistachio-coloured steel frames. This is a clever design feature, as it allows natural light to enter the room from the bedroom side. To maintain a sense of privacy, the wall on the bedroom side can be covered.

design: Raca Studio(

photos: Tom Kurek(

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