It’s in an old townhouse. We take a look at the office of SMOL architects

The office of the SMOL architekci studio has been furnished in a historic building from 1936 in Warsaw. Edyta and Tomasz Smol, a married couple of architects, created a space there that is not only a comfortable place to work, but also a tribute to the interwar period and its modernist aesthetic.

The space by SMOL architects is a harmonious blend of the modernist spirit of the townhouse with a touch of contemporary elegance. The floors feature the iconic ‘Warsaw gorse tiles’ from Paradyż’s Modernizm series, and the walls are decorated with reproductions of graphics from the historic 1923 Bauhaus exhibition in Weimar. The original door frame with fanlight, like a portal to the past, has been restored and supplemented with ornamental glass, giving charm to one of the inner doors in the studio. In the work room, a brick wall was uncovered and exposed, like a relic from times gone by.

Comfort and functionality are further hallmarks of this studio. Stylized Zehnder Charleston radiators, stone window sills, porcelain electrical switches and sockets from ABB’s Decento range, and furniture with fluted fronts were used here. In the workroom and conference room, the floors are tiled with herringbone ceramic tiles, while the kitchenette has a tile backsplash in the shape of traditional tiled cookers.

Brass details are an important design element, like golden accents that add a touch of glamour to this unique space. Handles in the kitchen, handles, Grohe Essence basin mixers and a pressure cooker that is a family heirloom are just some of these. In the meeting room, a Samsung Frame TV with dedicated frames imitating picture frames is placed, displaying project material, with graphics, photographs and other artwork beyond, like a changing exhibition in a private gallery.

Particularly impressive is the entrance to the bathroom, hidden in a wall made by a carpenter, like a mysterious portal leading to another world. The wall features CNC grooves and the door itself is flush with the wall surface, creating a perfectly smooth surface. In the bathroom, as in the hall, “Warsaw corsets” were laid in blue, and classic white tiles were used on the walls as a timeless backdrop for the modern details. The cabinets were made in brick and beige, and the fittings were chosen to refer to the style of modernism, completing the cohesive character of the interior.

The SMOL architekci studio is not only a workplace, but also living proof that architecture can be a work of art and that every detail matters. It is a space that inspires and shows how modernity and classicism can be combined while creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing interior.

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