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Its interior surprises. St Dominic’s Church in Warsaw

Saint Dominic’s Church in Warsaw was designed by Władysław Pieńkowski. Its austere interior is a characteristic example of the architect’s work, who in his sacred designs sought to eliminate elements that could distract the faithful.

The building is part of a Dominican monastery whose history dates back to 1936. The monastery in Służewo, Warsaw, was founded on the initiative of Father Jacek Woroniecki, and in 1936 the foundation stone for the temple was laid. This did not happen until decades later.

The church was designed by Władysław Pieńkowski, who trained under Marek Leykam (the author of, among others, the Okrąglak in Poznań). He worked on the project between 1982 and 1983. The temple had to wait another 10 years for construction.

Władysław Pieńkowski designed several churches. In them, one can see treatments referring to modernism. The architect was in favour of using pure forms, so that the building itself would aid concentration and not distract those participating in the liturgy. The temple in Służewiec is inspired by the Gothic style. This reference is achieved through the soaring form and the brick façade.

photo by Zdzisław Adam Niedźw…,, licence: CC BY 3.0

The interior of the building is impressive, with reinforced concrete ribs as its main element. These support the soaring vaulted ceiling. A skylight was created above the main altar to let diffused light into the interior.

Unfortunately, the architect did not live to see the end of the church’s construction; he died in 1991.

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