LABO coworking in Wrocław. It is in the building of the former Faculty of Pharmacy

The interior design was prepared to correspond with the architecture of the L’UNI building itself, by Maćków Pracownia Projektowa. The LABO work zone was designed by the CUDO studio:.

The L’UNI office space was realised in the building of the former Faculty of Pharmacy of the Medical University. The LABO coworking zone operates inside. Anyone can work here. In total, more than 90 workstations of various configurations have been prepared. There is even a room for recording podcasts and a conference room in the basement.

The days of working in one office every day are over. More and more people value flexible working and the ability to work remotely. The LABO coworking zone is the answer to their needs. Space here can be occupied individually or rented larger for a whole team. The attraction is the location. The old building has been thoroughly renovated, but has retained its original atmosphere. Plus its location on the banks of the Oder.

The interior of the zone is distinguished by an installation made of fused glass. Each consists of more than 50 glass parts, which give the space a pleasant, warm character. The colours are reminiscent of pharmaceutical glass and glass containers from pharmacies of the past.

Designed in this way, the communal space has a special role in the project. It is meant to be the heart of LABO, a place for meetings and interaction. Underneath the elegant overhangs are two ‘common’ tables, designed to be used both for individual work and for creating inspiring ‘brainstorming’ sessions. At lunchtime, they become a natural meeting place for sharing a meal and exchanging ideas.

When designing the interiors of LABO, we wanted to refer to the history of the former Faculty of Pharmacy and combine the elegant premises of the former university with the artistic atmosphere of Wrocław. We focused on a thoughtful selection of forms and lighting, ergonomic solutions, high-quality finishes and attention to all details to create a friendly environment. Our aim was to provide users with comfort and aesthetics in spaces that would inspire creative work,” says Aleksander Czerwonka-Jabłoński of the CUDO: studio, which is responsible for the LABO interior design.

There are more thoughtful solutions. At the very entrance to the space, a designer sofa has been placed, which invites you to relax, have casual conversations and enjoy a cup of coffee. It is also the ideal place to wait for clients or for business meetings, which can be held here comfortably. This carefully designed space encourages relaxation and the productive exchange of ideas.

The bookcase made of steel is also worth noting. It is sand-coloured and blends harmoniously into the space. The curve of the bookcase, designed by the architects, visually completes the room axis, masks the entrance, which is offset from the axis, and the mirrors in the space optically enlarge it.

The interior is visually clean. The social and technical areas (kitchen, cloakroom, printer room) are located further down the office.

design: CUDO(

design team: Tomasz Borowiak, Aleksander Czerwonka-Jabłoński, Anna Wójcik, Joanna Rotkiewicz, Maciej Szczepański

photography: Migdał Studio(

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