Like a cascading garden. This is how buildings with social housing are built by the Dutch

A building with social housing will be built in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Its design was prepared by architects from the MVRDV studio. A characteristic feature of the building is its green roof. The individual storeys slope down towards the street and form a substitute for a park.

Greenery is a valuable part of large cities. If there is no park nearby, arranging a roof garden can be an attraction. The architects at MVRDV, who designed the Strijp-S Tribune building, know this. The name is no accident. The building with social housing resembles a cut-out module with stands from a stadium.

Inside, in addition to the social housing, there will be retail outlets. The most important element, however, is the green roof, which will be accessible from street level via a large staircase.

The project will be realised along the Ketelhuisplein, a lively square where many cultural events take place throughout the year. This area, formerly defined by the presence of industrial plants, has transformed into the cultural heart of Eindhoven, home to creative companies and cretive people. Many former factories have changed their use to residential functions. This history has influenced the shape of the Strijp-S stand.

In total, the building has eight storeys. A terraced garden has been arranged on each. The building is shaped in such a way that it does not obstruct the view and, when seen from street level, appears as a green hill. The impression of being close to nature is enhanced by the wooden façade.

The terraces are characterised by an abundance of greenery, offering both private and communal outdoor space. Residents have easy access to the communal terraces on different levels. On the lower terrace, there is a communal vantage point that offers a view of the Ketelhuisplein.

The project is expected to start at the end of 2024 and take just 12 months to complete.

design: MVRDV

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