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Milk bar “Słoneczny” in Gdynia with new interior

The “Sunny” milk bar is a popular place for locals and tourists. Recently, its interior has been given a new look. This is the next stage of the visual metamorphosis of the place, which was initiated in 2018.

“Słoneczny” is located in the ground floor of a tenement at the intersection of Władysława IV and Żwirki i Wigury streets. The bar has been operating here since 1959. The metamorphosis carried out is intended to make the place constantly popular. The proposed aesthetics are loosely reminiscent of the 1970s. The interior refurbishment took two months. The bar got a new design, the equipment was replaced and the area where meals are served was enlarged. The kitchen also has new cooking equipment.

The aim of the changes is to improve the comfort of being here. The owners want guests to feel more spacious. To achieve this, a new arrangement of tables has been proposed. They have been positioned further away from the main counter. The tables are simple, with black legs and white tops. Chairs in an intense yellow colour were placed right next to them. This is a direct reference to the name of the establishment. The circular lamps and the glass wall are also a sunny motif.

The changes in the appearance of the premises already started in 2018 thanks to the Traffic Design Association. The bar then gained a new identity. The work was carried out as part of the ongoing Biennale of Urban Art in Gdynia.

photo by Dominika Sobiech

The main work was carried out on the exterior. The walls around the shop windows were painted white. Instead of the old, motley signboard, the bar was decorated with a neon sign and the inscription ‘milk bar’, which was placed on the bottoms. The authors of that solution are Syfon Studio – Ula and Filip Tofile.


photos: Dominika Sobiech, Jan Ziarnicki, Rafał Kołsut

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Already in 2018, the exterior of the venue changed thanks to members of the Traffic Design Association. The place was decorated with a neon sign and new graphic elements. Below are some photos taken in 2020.

The slider BEFORE and AFTER:

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