Minimalism in interior design – how to achieve this effect with textiles?

Minimalism is a popular interior design trend. It is modern, functional and very versatile. These qualities have made the style a favourite in many homes and flats for years. Such interiors have a good impact on our psyche, allowing us to soothe our nerves after a day full of external stimuli. Thanks to its versatility, minimalism offers many possibilities when it comes to the selection of accessories and textiles that give a room its character.

Basic principles of minimalism in interiors

The minimalist style of furnishing flats and houses is a solution for anyone who appreciates order and harmony. There is nothing haphazard in this type of interior. Adherents like to have plenty of space around them. What are the other principles of this style?

  1. In a minimalist interior, everything is geometric. You will not find tables with spiral legs or asymmetrical armchairs. Here, everything fits together and furniture shapes are based on simple blocks.
  2. Muted colours – Minimalists eschew striking colours. They opt for beige, white and grey, i.e. soft shades that bring harmony to the interior.
  3. Few ornaments, lots of space – dressers and shelves in the rooms are not crammed with realistic figurines and colourful photo frames. Decorations are not unwelcome, as long as their shapes are not too complicated and the number of objects does not create the impression of a rush.
  4. Comfort – a minimalist interior is very practical. The style is based on cabinets hidden in the walls and built-in kitchen appliances that do not block the space.

What materials and colours should you choose for a minimalist interior?

Minimalism is not just about symmetrical furniture and unadorned textiles. It is also about raw materials used to create a comfortable interior. Glass is one of the raw materials that finds its way perfectly into a minimalist interior. It looks great on the floor and is ideal as a small addition in the form of a tabletop in a coffee table. Minimalism also likes concrete, for example on the walls. Although it is not associated with cosiness, properly arranged, it can look really effective. Minimalist interiors often include stone accents, e.g. washbasins, which harmonise with the rest of the objects. The walls in such a room are usually painted in a light colour, which gives the impression of space. Grey or beige furniture can be complemented with dark accessories, e.g. a black cushion or a brown bedspread. Other popular shades used in minimalist interiors are white, cream, ecru or pale yellow.

Textiles to complement a minimalist interior

Textiles are also of great importance. Simple white curtains without patterns fit into a minimalist interior like a glove. Curtains in a grey or cream shade will work well with the curtains. Cushions do not have to be identical. In order to maintain the minimalist character of the interior, pillowcases can be one colour, but their textures can vary. Bedspreads should be one colour to match the whole room.

How to combine different materials to keep the interior minimalist?

A simple interior look can be achieved by combining materials. Textiles decorating your home will make this task easier. If you have a plain white curtain hanging in your window, you can match it with a velour curtain in beige or pale yellow. A single-colour cape in grey or light brown with a raised texture is a great idea. Especially if you match it with plain cushions in the same shade. For a minimalist interior, you can combine more than just textiles. Minimalist materials can appear together in furniture and surroundings. A table with a glass top and wooden legs is simplicity itself. Light stone or marble also looks good with glass and wooden furniture.

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Neutral colours and uncomplicated shapes are the essence of a minimalist interior. However, what will be its hallmark in your home are the accessories that accentuate its character. If you’re in need of textiles to create a minimalist atmosphere in your rooms, you can look for them in the Mariall shop. Here you will find bedspreads, pillowcases, tablecloths and blankets that are sure to beautify your four corners.

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