Modern and fast floor cleaning. This is the Dyson WashG1

How to clean floors effectively? The Dyson brand has unveiled the latest device in its portfolio. It’s the Dyson WashG1, which makes cleaning even tough dirt quick and easy. The cordless hoover with active cleaning function removes dry and wet dirt in just one swipe. The device was presented at the end of June during a special presentation in Hamburg.

Traditional mopping of the floor with a mop or cloth means that dirt is often smeared over the surface instead of getting rid of it effectively. This time is different. The Dyson WashG1 features absorbent microfibre-coated brushes that spin with powerful counter-rotating power to remove stubborn stains. The unit literally sucks the dirt in and collects it in containers. The larger ones go into a special pull-out tray, while the dirty liquid goes into a container, the contents of which can later be easily poured down the sink.

The machine is equipped with a clean water container with a capacity of 1 litre, which allows it to clean an area of up to 290sqm. There are two brushes in the base, which are evenly moistened across the width, and plates next to them drain excess water to prevent over-soaking the floor. The Dyson WashG1 combines wetting, suction and extraction technologies to remove and automatically separate wet and dry dirt for more hygienic handling.

The aforementioned pull-out container is equipped with a 500-micrometre mesh that separates fine dirt from larger dirt. Dirt and debris remain in the head, while the soiled water is collected in a separate tank, allowing the unit to be emptied hygienically. Both water tanks have large openings for easy maintenance and cleaning.

An interesting feature is the self-cleaning function. After cleaning the floor, we do not have to painstakingly clean the brushes. When we activate the self-cleaning function on the machine, both brushes and the other subsystems are thoroughly rinsed with clean water. This ensures that it is ready for the next use.

Further useful features include the ability to humidify the rollers at different intensities. The manufacturer allows you to select one of three levels. In boost mode, which is activated by a separate button, both rollers are intensively moistened, which is useful when you want to remove stubborn dirt or dried stains.

The effectiveness of the stain removal depends on the wetness of the floor and the intensity of the cleaning surface movement. ‘We’ve designed our machine so that users have full control over it and can clean efficiently,’ says Charlie Park, vice president of Floorcare at Dyson.

The company’s engineers designed the machine so that each of the two high-speed brushes has its own motor. This has a positive effect on the efficiency of the work.

At the Hamburg launch, we also learned about other Dyson appliances and solutions. Of particular note was the CleanTrace system, which makes cleaning easier. The system is based on augmented reality (AR). How does it work? All you have to do is place your smartphone in a special stand, launch the Dyson app and you’ll see the area you’ve vacuumed in real time on your phone’s screen. This clever solution cuts down on cleaning time because we know which areas of the house or flat are already clean and which parts of the floor still need our attention:

photo by whiteMAD editorial

The Dyson WashG1 active wash cordless hoover will soon be available for purchase from Dyson online and stationary shops. Its price is estimated at £2999.

source: press materials, own compilation

photos: Dyson

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