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Modernist Veteran’s House in Poznan to be renovated

The Veteran’s House in Poznań is a building from 1972. The modernist edifice houses a nursing home.A renovation is underway to restore the valuable architecture to its former glory

The Veteran’s House on Szeląg in Poznań was designed by Zygmunt Skupniewicz, Witold Milewski and Lech Sternal. The team of architects created a modernist edifice that is distinguished by a horizontal façade with a cascading design. The terraced layout means that the internal rooms are well lit with natural light and allow residents easy access to the terrace. The building was constructed in an attractive location and is surrounded by greenery. Right next to it is a sloping area towards the Warta River and old trees grow

Over the years, the technical condition of the building has deteriorated considerably. Among other things, residents complained about the leaking roof. There were visible leaks on the façade, the basement walls did not meet thermal standards due to the lack of thermal insulation. The window and door frames were also in poor condition

The work, which started in spring, concerns two buildings. In the smaller one, on the Ugory Street side, the works are already coming to an end. All that remains to be done is a band to protect the façade from dirt. On the other hand, in the main building, known as the Veteran’s House, work is currently being carried out on the façade, and leaky windows and doors are being replaced – says Tomasz Płóciniczak, vice-president of the company Poznanskie Inwestycje Miejskie

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The work will include renovation and insulation of the façade. Cracks and damage to reinforced concrete elements will be repaired. It is planned to renovate and insulate the balconies along with replacing the balustrades. Restoration of the drainage of the terraces, balustrades and concrete pots is planned. The courtyard of the building will also be renovated, including the walls, tiles and stairs there. Replacement of the internal installations is planned in subsequent phases. The renovation will probably be completed at the end of 2024

source: UM Poznań

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