Projektowanie domu modułowego - konfigurator

Modular house configurator – how to use it?

There is a saying among builders: “You build the first house for your enemy, the second for your friend and the third for yourself”. However, there is a way to ensure that the very first building experience is nothing but pleasure and that all potential mistakes are excluded at the design stage. The solution is prefabricated modular homes. An online configurator with a transparent cost calculation helps you to adapt the chosen design to your own expectations, the location of the plot of land and the prevailing conditions in the location, turning a stressful construction process into an exciting challenge. Let’s take a closer look at how such a tool works and which parameters we should pay the most attention to.

Select a design and location in the modular house configurator

Choosing the right design and location is a key step when it comes to planning the construction of a prefabricated house. Starting this process requires taking into account both personal preferences and the technical feasibility of adapting the design to a specific plot of land.

Domum has prepared more than a dozen customisable ready-made designs, which include both single-storey and two-storey prefabricated modular houses. The configurator available on the platform allows not only the selection and customisation of a given model, but also its virtual “placement” on a selected plot of land, which will allow one to check how the building will look in real conditions. The tool also allows a preliminary assessment of the costs associated with transporting the building modules and prefabricated elements to the construction site and their assembly, which is crucial for accurate budgeting of the entire project.

Already in the first step, we are given the possibility to modify and personalise the selected design. The type of roof, façade finish and window joinery can be tailored to our needs and preferences. Visual harmony is also one of the elements influencing the subsequent comfort of the home.

Konfigurator domu modułowego

Raw closed, developer or turnkey?

In the next stage of using the prefabricated house configurator, we have the option to decide in which state the building will be finished: raw closed, developer or turnkey. Each option differs in terms of the cost and scope of finishing works, which allows you to tailor the project to your requirements and budget.

Projekt energooszczędnego domu modułowego

When choosing a design and its location on a plot of land, it is worth taking into account not only your personal preferences, but also the practical aspects in terms of day-to-day functioning and integration of the building into its surroundings. It is important to consider this issue carefully, as it has long-term consequences for the satisfaction of using the space that will be the modular home. The configurator allows you to plan the optimum positioning of the rooms according to the sides of the world, which has a significant impact on the energy efficiency of the house and the appropriate amount of natural light in the interiors. It is also important to avoid excessive heating of rooms in summer, which can be achieved already at the stage of sensible investment planning. Based on information about the location of the building plot, the prefabricated house configurator will download data from nearby weather stations, and on this basis, suggest optimal material and technological solutions.

Functions and facilities of modular houses – configurator

Using the modular house configurator, at the final stage, the tool will present to us what elements can be added to the selected design – optional additional materials and technologies that increase living comfort, such as additional insulation, heat pump or mechanical ventilation system with recuperation. Depending on the design, we may additionally opt for a photovoltaic system integrated into the roof sheathing, façade blinds or other amenities that increase the functionality and aesthetics of the house. Some options may already be included in the base price, which is worth taking into account in the final calculation.

The use of modern solutions will also help to reduce running costs and contribute to lowerCO2 emissions. The relevant data and calculations for annual energy savings and annual carbon dioxide reduction will be displayed on the computer screen, depending on the selected options.

At each stage of work with the configurator, we have the possibility to take advantage of free expert advice, who will optimise the selected design to our guidelines, answer our questions and advise on issues related to the energy efficiency of the house. With the Domum platform, the entire decision-making process becomes much faster, simpler and more accessible, and this only brings us closer to owning the modular home of our dreams.


If you are interested in prefabricated building or a modular house, the configurator on will help you save not only time, but also nerves! The tool will guide you step-by-step through the entire investment process – from choosing a design, to customisation, to additions and amenities. Each variant can be analysed in detail, paying attention to aspects such as square footage, room layout, construction technology and external aesthetics. It is important that the selected model of prefab house meets your functional and visual expectations, as well as being adapted to local conditions or current building regulations.


Projektowanie domu modułowego - konfigurator

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