Monument from Wrocław among the world’s top 100 works of art!

A monument from Wrocław has been named one of the 100 best works of art in architecture and public space in the world. The Monument to the Unbroken Soldiers by Tomasz and Konrad Urbanowicz of the Archiglass studio was unveiled in May 2024 and is already receiving positive evaluations from experts.

The Wrocław realisation is competing for the People’s Choice Award in the prestigious CODAawards 2024 competition, which awards prizes for the best work of art in architecture and public space in the world. The nomination went to the Monument to the Unbroken Soldiers, whose authors and builders are glass artists Tomasz and Konrad Urbanowicz from the Archiglass studio in Wrocław. You can vote for the project until 2 July. Check out how to do it!

The Monument to the Unbroken Soldiers among the best in the world

The square at the intersection of Borowska, Glinian and Dyrekcyjna streets features nine figures of soldiers, cast in glass and specially rasterised. Each of them is embedded in a glass cuboid and goes in a different direction.

This is the Monument to the Unbroken Soldiers – an evocative installation by Tomasz and Konrad Urbanowicz – which symbolically depicts the situation of an entire generation who found themselves in a no-win situation after 1945.

The artists Tomasz and Konrad Urbanowicz from the Archiglass studio in Wrocław are the authors of the design and builders of the monument. Their projects are well known to the inhabitants of the capital of Lower Silesia – we are familiar with the glass egg, the gatehouse in the hallway of the connector between Wrocław University and the University Church, or the glass portal of the Passage under the Blue Sun in the Market Square.

And Archiglass projects can also be admired by Varsovians (glass decoration of the Supreme Court building) or by officials and tourists in Strasbourg (the “United World” sculpture is located in the courtyard of the European Parliament).

In 2021, in the plebiscite of the 30 Creatives of Wrocław, Tomasz Urbanowicz was the winner in the field of culture/art/design. And a year later, together with his son Konrad, he was awarded the CODAaward in the ‘Liturgical’ category for ‘Spirit of the Palatium’, a unique realisation in Poznań’s Ostrów Tumski.

A monument from Wrocław with a chance to win – you can help and vote!

The people of Wrocław can help with their vote and choose our “Anti-Soviet Partisans Memorial”. The time to cast your vote is until 2 July at 11.59 p.m. You can vote on the CODAawards 2024 website. As of 24 June, the Archiglass realisation has more than 900 votes and the highest ratings. The results will be announced at the end of August.

Najlepsza przestrzeń sakralna na świecie jest w Polsce. Szklane Palatium z Poznania z nagrodą!

Not only Wrocław. Poznan has already won!

It is worth noting that Poland has a victory in the CODAawards competition . In 2022, the same studio was awarded in the competition for the best sacred space in the world. The award went to Tomasz and Konrad for creating the Glass Palatium in, which can be admired in Poznań’s Ostrów Tumski.(More in the article above or at the link HERE)

source: Wrocław /
photos: Adam Stelmaszek / press materials of Centrum Historii Zajezdnia /

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