New interior of VaffaNapoli restaurant in Wrocław

VaffaNapoli is a place that is already well known to the people of Wrocław. Today, we can see the restaurant in a new arrangement. The interior of the premises was designed by architects from the CUDO studio:.

The task of the architects from CUDO: was to give the space a fresh look, while retaining the most important elements of the premises – both for the part on the ground floor and in the basement. It was important that the positive spirit of the place could still be felt.

When designing the interior, the architects were inspired by the colour palette and materials they had picked up in Naples. Italian cuisine is perfected through the selection of high-quality ingredients, and similar considerations were applied to the choice of materials. As a result, the walls of the establishment are covered with brick, stone and wood, which are reminiscent of Italian streets.

A design element of the space are the lamps, which, especially for VaffaNapoli, were made together with the Wrocław-based brand CHORS. The wall lamps take the form of luminous plates and give the interior a contemporary feel. The new arrangement could not lack art. The walls are decorated with circular paintings.

The toilets have been given an interesting treatment. You can see pink plaster in them, which was developed together with the Ekri studio from Wrocław.

Also striking are travertine, marble and wood, which have been juxtaposed with green and beige. The latter allude to the olives and sandy streets of the capital of Campania.

The space created was filled with modular tables. This is a clever solution because the tables can be freely combined to create spaces for communal feasts. The furniture is made of natural wood, giving it a slightly rustic look.

In terms of functional division, the bar plays an important role on the ground floor. Next to it, tables and a glass and steel overhang have been arranged. The bar and the kitchen with the oven have become the heart of the premises, which is already visible from crossing the threshold. Particularly important in the design was the basement space, which was given a whole new functionality. The interior was inspired primarily by Italian vineyards – full of charming nooks and crannies. As a result, alcoves were created in the cellar, which are ideal for spending time in an intimate atmosphere.

photo: Studio Resources

design: CUDO:

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