New logo for Poznań. Technical school student proposes this version

The author of the presented logo is Mateusz Walasek, a student at the Printing and Administrative Technical School Complex No. 6 by Joachim Lelewel in Poznań. He did not like the new logo for Poznań, which was presented a few weeks ago. So he decided to prepare his own proposal. He worked on the conceptual design for three days.

The City of Poznań officially presented the new logo on 15 May. The visual identity also includes the “you are at home” slogan used and a website: Work on the creation of the identity was divided into three stages involving several dozen people. – We started the work with an analysis of the symbolism of Poznań’s coat of arms and its modern restyling,” emphasises Maciej Kawecki, designer from the Brandburg studio, who prepared the logo.

The letter “P” in the new logo has been rotated to symbolise an open house. Above the house there is a six-pointed star, which symbolises light and the values of compactness, friendliness, causality, man, pride and freedom. It is also a discreet reference to the star, which has symbolised Poznań since 2009. We wrote more about Poznań’s new logo HERE.

The official logo will be presented in mid-May:

The new logo did not please everyone. A lot of critical comments can be found on social media. Nor is Mateusz Walasek a fan of the new logo, who decided to design a logo in a version that he felt better related to the city. He knew well how to get down to work. He is studying to be a graphic and digital printing technician. He is passionate about designing company logos, creating corporate identities and is fascinated by the branding process. He also designs flyers, invitations, posters or corporate gadgets.

I decided to create a new one because I was born in Poznań and I wanted the logo to correspond to the residents. This was all helped by a recent discussion among residents about the logo. The design of the current Poznań logo was considered by most people to be inappropriate and not associated with our city. With my skills, I decided to prepare my own proposal and concept for a logo for our unique city,” says the young graphic designer.

In his concept, the logo depicts the Poznań City Hall, which is placed on a blue background. The City Hall is one of the most recognisable buildings in the capital of Wielkopolska. The building’s tower protrudes slightly beyond the outline of the shield. In the upper corner, he placed a white star, referring to the former logo. The whole is crowned with the inscription “Poznań” in a simple and legible font.

Mateusz worked on creating the working concept for three days. On the first, he started sketching, on the second he worked with a graphics programme, and on the third he prepared mockups. If the city would be interested in using his proposal, he assures us that he will refine the concept he has prepared. Which better represents Poznań? You can cast your vote in the poll:

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source: Mateusz Walasek, editorial staff

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