New oceanarium in Kolobrzeg. To be built by 2029!

The new oceanarium in Kołobrzeg is to be one of the most modern facilities of its kind in Europe. The investment is to be set up as part of a public-private partnership. A letter of intent has just been signed, and according to preliminary announcements, a contract is to be signed later this year, which is to provide for the construction of the facility by 2029 at the latest. This deadline is not accidental. As noted by representatives of Kołobrzeg’s town hall, the new oceanarium in Kołobrzeg is expected to increase the city’s chances of becoming the European Capital of Culture 2029. The modern oceanarium wants to build the owners of the oceanarium in Międzyzdroje, which has been in operation for over 5 years. Visualisations were created in 2017 by the a7ag studio, commissioned by the Kolobrzeg Sea Port Authority.

The new oceanarium in Kolobrzeg is to be built on the Salt Island, which is managed by the Kolobrzeg Sea Port, an institution managed by the city. There is already a letter of intent to build an oceanarium on Wyspa Solna in Kolobrzeg, in the vicinity of the yacht harbour. The document was signed by the President of the Sea Port Authority, Artur Lijewski, and Marek Stępień, the owner of the Oceanarium which has been operating in Międzyzdroje for the past five years.

“The letter of intent confirms the willingness to give a long-term lease of a plot of land managed by a municipal company, in return for the construction of an establishment on the site, which will be an attraction of a scientific and cognitive nature. – Now we have a period of negotiations ahead of us, which I hope will lead to the signing of a conditional lease agreement, setting out the detailed principles of cooperation,” says Lijewski – says President Lijewski.

Once these too have been met, and after obtaining ministerial approval for the lease of the plot of land lying within the port’s boundaries, ZPM will sign a proper agreement with the investor. After the time indicated therein (which will also be subject to negotiations), the facility will become the property of the company, or the city.

New oceanarium in Kołobrzeg

The investment concept itself was already conceived in 2017 by the a7ag studio. Its working name is ‘Nautilium, Sailing Cognitive and Educational Centre. The functional-utility programme for the future investment assumed the development of a plot of land with an area of more than 60,000 square metres. It was envisaged that a two-storey entertainment and educational complex would be built on part of it, connected with sailing, the history of navigation, water sports or maritime issues in a broader sense. The use of multimedia, the organisation of courses, training, etc. was expected. As well as the development of the area surrounding the complex, the construction of a marina, even another harbour basin.

“From the beginning, we wanted to use the land on the Salt Island in a way that would not only make the harbour more attractive, but also enrich the city and even the region with something unique.We were not expecting a proposal to build just an oceanarium, but I am pleased that this offer fits in with our ideas about the use of the land. What is important for us is that the investor wants to combine the attraction of admiring the fauna and flora of the seas and oceans with education and even scientific and research facilities. These are professionals working with a renowned university, so the project could evolve in an interesting way.” – adds Artur Lijewski, President of the Kołobrzeg Sea Port Authority.

The facility is to have three storeys with one of them hidden underground. The tanks are to be made and equipped in such a way as to best take care of the welfare of aquatic animals and plants. The two-storey high tanks are to become home to many species of plants and animals, including native, as well as exotic and predatory ones (sharks, deep-sea fish).

Kolobrzeg as European Capital of Culture 2029

The construction of an Oceanarium by the ZPM, is one of the measures that can increase Kolobrzeg’s chances of winning the competition for the title of European Capital of Culture in 2029. The modern oceanarium in Kolobrzeg is intended to be a vibrant tourist attraction that will highlight the city’s relationship with the sea, as well as educate the public about the role of marine ecosystems.

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