New recreation area by the Orruński Stream

In Gdańsk Jasień, in the northern part of Park Południowy (Southern Park) along the Oruński stream, a new recreational zone of over 5,000 m2 is being created. It will include, among other things, a 200-metre-long avenue ending in a forest pier over the stream and a natural playground of over 500m2. The area itself will be enriched with natural forest greenery. Work to revitalise the area has already begun, with the Gdańsk-based developer Domesta in charge of the project.

Forested terrain, natural materials

As part of the revitalisation, the area by the Orruński Brook will be adapted into a recreational area with full preservation of the site’s previous forest functions using natural materials starting with the paths. “Their surface will be made of mineral aggregate and the bridge itself over the stream will be made of natural wood,” says Dagmara Konieczna, Head of Production Preparation at Domesta, “a natural playground will be integrated into the area, which will include, among other things, a tyrolean, a monkey grove and a long tube slide.” The aforementioned playground is being built on a safe surface of natural wood chips. The area itself will be further enriched with vegetation characteristic of woodland areas. “In addition,” reveals Dagmara Konieczna, “in order to increase the safety of users, we will carry out CCTV monitoring using high-quality recording equipment with Dark Fighter technology and facial recognition.”

Work is already underway

Construction work has already started, and the recreational area itself is due to be completed as early as this autumn. “The biggest challenge of the project is to fit the playground equipment into the forest tissue in such a way as to interfere as little as possible with the existing terrain while maintaining its functionality and safety of use,” says Paweł Migowski, construction manager at Domesta. The priority is to carry out the work while preserving the stagnant natural terrain and caring for the existing flora. “Our aim is to implement the plan in a way that will allow minimal transformation of the site while preserving as many of the trees and shrubs growing there as possible,” adds Dagmara Konieczna, “The works are carried out in a densely overgrown area additionally characterised by a steep slope, which makes it impossible to carry out the plans by the technological possibilities and available equipment. Therefore, practically all the work will be carried out manually, by the power of human hands or with small equipment.”

Project Captivates

The project to revitalise the area by the creek is being developed as part of Domesta’s ongoing investment, the Urzeka estate. As part of this investment, a full-size multifunctional field for basketball and football will also be realised as part of additional recreational areas, and additional recreational zones and playgrounds will be created between the buildings of the estate,” – pawel Migowski announces, “The aforementioned largest recreational zones, i.e. the forest pier currently under construction together with the forest playground and the planned multifunctional pitch, will be made available in autumn 2024 and 2025 respectively.”

The Urzeka estate is another project under which, the developer Domesta is creating green recreational space in Gdańsk, e.g. a park of over 16,000 m2 has been created in the same neighbourhood in the Leszczynowy Park estate.

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