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Open House: innovative house from Bremen. Robert Konieczny used sliding walls here

The design of the single-family house Open House by Robert Konieczny and the KWK Promes team meets the expectations of the investor. He wanted to live in a quiet area, on the outskirts of a German village near Bremen. The plot is located in the vicinity of a forest, which became its great asset, however, due to cyclical sports events in the area, the secluded location turns into a place full of random people. This meant that the developer also wanted to be able to fence off the open space and hide it from the prying eyes of sports enthusiasts.

The investor from Bremen was not unfamiliar with Robert Konieczny’s previous projects, so he found among them features which he would like to see in his future dream house. He saw great potential in movable solutions, which make it possible to flexibly adapt the building’s functionality to specific conditions and needs. Movable shutters mounted on wheels were used in the Open House, but in a modified form and with a slightly different purpose. Rather than directly obscuring the large windows accumulated on one wall, the shutters were moved away from the volume, creating an unusual atrium which, when opened, becomes a fragment of the surrounding meadow. The movable, two-part structure on rails with a circular plan has the ability to close and open according to the needs of the residents, independently of each other and in different configurations.

This solution can be used for many purposes: it will create an intimate and private zone during increased traffic in the area during sporting events, and will additionally enable the space in front of the house to be protected from wild inhabitants of the nearby forest who visit nearby farms. The movable walls that form the temporary fence are intended to help keep all users of the area – humans and animals – comfortable.

Windows located on the south side of the building have been placed under the roofline to reduce the time of excessive heat build-up, which will significantly reduce the energy costs of this project. The roof structure, fitted with special slots at the top of the roof, makes the whole house act as a chimney, supporting gravity ventilation. The electricity needed to power the house and the sliding wall mechanism will come from photovoltaic panels, further emphasising the energy independence and eco-friendliness of the investment.

The house has been designed with a two-person family in mind. The property, which is already under construction, will have approximately 250 m² of floor space, including the garage. Inside, there will be two bedrooms, a spacious living room with mezzanine and a kitchen. Movable walls will allow the house to be opened up to the neighbouring terrace, making it possible to combine the two spaces into one, increasing the usable area and bringing the interiors closer to nature. The building’s reed roof and whitewashed walls relate to the traditional architecture of the area.

Construction work began in June and the Open House is scheduled for completion next year.

Robert Konieczny is an architect and founder of KWK Promes studio. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, from which he graduated in 1995. Konieczny has gained international recognition for his innovative approach to architecture, particularly in the context of single-family houses and public buildings.

His best-known projects include:

1. **Safe House** – renowned for its innovative solutions related to the security and mobility of building elements.
2. **Robert Konieczny’s Ark** – this project has won numerous awards, including the title of “Best House in the World” awarded by Wallpaper magazine.
3. **Quadrant House** – distinguished by its rotating layout on a square plan, allowing the building to adapt to weather conditions and the needs of its users.
4. **National Museum in Szczecin – Dialogue Centre “Breakthroughs”** – recognized as the “World Building of the Year” at the World Architecture Festival in 2016.
5. **Plato Contemporary Art Gallery** – one of the top five buildings in Europe according to the EU Mies Awards 2024.

Robert Konieczny is also a member of the French Academy of Architecture and the recipient of numerous architectural awards, both national and international. His works are characterised by functionality, a modern approach and a harmonious connection with the surroundings.

Source: Robert Konieczny/KWK Promes

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