Paged Design Week from 6-9 November 2023 in Warsaw

From 6 to 9 November this year, the Paged Design Week will take place, an event dedicated to contemporary design and the design of unique interiors. Over the course of four days, the Warsaw showroom of Paged Meble will host lectures, practical workshops on creative approaches to design in the broadest sense, and a live demonstration of wood bending. This is a great opportunity to explore the secrets of a non-standard approach to design under the guidance of specialists. The event is mainly aimed at interior designers and architects, but all design enthusiasts are welcome

On 6-9 November this year, the Paged Meble brand is organising a unique event dedicated to interior design – Paged Design Week. The event will take place in the showroom of Paged Meble at 306/308 Grochowska Street in Warsaw. During the four days it will be possible to listen to inspiring lectures and participate in practical workshops. Each day there will be an opportunity to learn about the latest trends as well as to meet and do creative things with industry experts. A live demonstration of wood bending will be an additional attraction

Paged Design Week is centred around four themes that complement each other, creating a space for creative encounters. The themes will be, in turn, the transfer of art to design interiors, the role of fabrics and their colours in space design, furniture bending technology and the creative process and inspiration in design. Fans of art, design and design will certainly find the issues interesting for themselves and will be able to listen not only to the latest trends, but also get to know the behind-the-scenes work of prominent designers and experts, says Michał Mróz, Vice President of the Management Board of Paged Meble

The guests of the event will be: Irma Kozina, Magdalena Willmann, Magdalena Impert, Michał Jońca, Ula Michalak, Maria Thiel-Roman, Aleksandra Ciesielska, Jakub Szczęsny, Kacper Gronkiewicz and Nikodem Szpunar. The substantive part of Paged Design Week will be complemented by an exhibition of posters by Michał Jońca and ceramics by Ula Michalak. The media patron of the event is Elle Decoration

Agenda of Paged Design Week 6-9.10.2023:

  • Monday, 6.11.2023
    Art creates interiors. How to bring art into interiors?

15:00 lecture by Magdalena Willmann, on the practical art director of ELLE DECORATION POLAND combined with a discussion with lecture participants from which we will learn

  • what investors expect from architects in terms of art selection,
  • how to look for good art and know what to buy,
  • what is the role of art in interiors,
  • when to start a conversation about art and at what stage to think about it when designing an interior,
  • what are the trends and what kind of art is most sought after,
  • how to talk to convince clients to buy valuable objects – art is not just decoration,
  • who can assist architects in their search for good art.

16:00 Interactive panel – conversation between Magdalena Willmann and guests of the event: Ula Michalak, ceramics artist, Michal Jońca, poster designer and Magdalena Impert, interior designer

  • Tuesday, 7.11.2023
    Textiles matter. Trend of earthy colours

10:00 lecture by Maria Thiel-Roman on how textiles in interiors affect our mood and senses. The lecture by interior designer and long-time stylist ELLE DECORATION POLAND will answer the following questions

  1. What fabrics work best in interiors and why?
  2. How to combine fabrics in interiors, i.e. how to create the perfect duo of upholstery and curtain fabric?
  3. How do the different fabrics affect our senses – a brief guide to the world of fabrics.
  4. What are the colour and design trends in the world of fabrics today?

11:00 moodboard workshop: how to create an inspiration board? – moderated by Aleksandra Ciesielska

  • Wednesday 8.11.2023
    Paged core. Gięcina na św. Marcina.

10:00 Lecture by Professor Irma Kozina entitled: Between café elegance and minimalist pragmatism. Peak achievements in the production of bentwood furniture from the 1st half of the 19th century to the present day

“Never before has there been an object so elegant, so well conceived, so precise in execution and so practical in use as Thonet’s bent furniture” – Le Corbusier

Within just a few decades of working off steam-bent furniture technology, the company founded by German carpenter Michael Thonet (1796 -1871) conquered the chair manufacturing market, producing models that were unbeatably priced and functional, proving themselves in residential interiors as well as cafés and office spaces. Some of the world’s most eminent designers have shaped these pieces of furniture, from the major figures of Viennese Art Nouveau to the masters responsible for the success of furniture brands in the 21st century

Fascinated by the history of bentwood furniture for many years, Prof. Dr. Irma Kozina, who is normally associated with the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, will present the most important achievements of this technology, focusing equally on the achievements of the historicist stylists of the 19th century and on works created in the workshops of extreme modernism-loving functionalists. Furniture aficionados will be able to recognise iconic collector’s items created by such charismatic makers as Josef Hoffmann, Adolf Loos or Alvar Aalto, as well as hear about the extraordinary projects of designers who have succumbed to the irresistible charm of “thonets” in modern times

11:00 wood bending technology – the secrets will be explained by technologists from the Paged Meble factory in Jasienica during a NOTE – live demonstration of wood bending!

12:30 use of traditional technology in contemporary furniture design – a conversation with Grzegorz Gancarczyk, a constructor and designer of furniture awarded in prestigious competitions and a long-time employee of the Paged Meble company

  • Thursday, 9.11.2023
    Passion in practice. The thing about design.

10:00 panel discussion – a conversation between Jakub Szczęsny and the designers of furniture from the Paged Alter Ego collection: Nikodem Szpunar and Kacper Gronkiewicz. The participants of the discussion will talk about the role of passion in the creative process, inspirations for contemporary architects, interior designers and furniture designers, and the use of passion in the everyday work of a designer

Participants of Paged Design Week are asked to sign up for the individual days at the link HERE. The number of places is limited so it is worth signing up

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