PAT GUZIK with a new collection dedicated to longing and nostalgia

Pat Button, returns with a collection inspired by what has passed or been lost by us. Her proposals stand out from her previous designs. The designer’s characteristic cuts, made as always in accordance with the idea of sustainable fashion, have taken on new shapes and colours. The selected products are decorated with a unique ‘smiling daisy’ pattern, which has become the leitmotif of the entire line perversely entitled: I miss the sun I need that tone and love the image that has been gone. The heroine of the campaign is Miya, a girl who lives and studies sculpture in London. With this, Pat Guzik invites everyone to present their own stories

When we fall into the patterns of everyday life, we can fall into melancholy caused by routine or monotony. We long for something better for us, something inaccessible – moments when we felt happiness. This was given to us by the freedom and bliss of childhood,
or the fantasy and courage of adolescence

Our present becomes an expressionless place, filled with the constant absence of ‘something’. A place where the sun’s rays no longer reach. A chase for something lost. But is it really?

Thecollection was inspired by a longing and nostalgia for moments and situations that we lost somewhere along the way. We have many memories with us, we would like to return to certain moments, but isn’t nostalgia alone enough? It is impossible to repeat certain things, many of them have had their space, and it is impossible to return to them, or if they did return they would never be the same again.

The collection is also about longing for something we have. All we have to do is look around. Like the case of the ‘I miss the sun’ baseball cap, just pulling it off makes the sun return. Or the ‘Mr Fire’ himself from Mateusz Kolk’s graphic on the t-shirt, sitting and longing for the sun,” says the designer.

Hence the idea to invite to the campaign, photographed by Kasia Rucińska, an ordinary girl, a sculptor, a resident of London, who, strolling through the streets of her city, brings us closer to her everyday life – her favourite spots and inspirations – telling us her own story, filled with nostalgia. Monika Czesak was the creative director, and the make-up and hair were taken care of by the team: James Tarquin Hair and MOE

Pat Guzik’s world – a smiling daisy

Work on the collection – the creative, theme-building and inspiration stages – took several months
In the creative process, the designer was accompanied by an illustrator, Mateusz Kołek, who for years has been creating designs then printed on materials and cuts selected by Pat Guzik. In their work, the artistic duo strive to build a labyrinth of symbols and motifs, which will soon be described in a special dictionary, inviting viewers to better understand
and reception of their creative world

The leitmotif has become a smiling figure resembling a small, subtle flower in cobalt colour – the daisy. For the designer, she is the order of a good day

With her latest collection, Pat Guzik offers a large package consisting of, among other things, voluminous dresses and trousers with “daisy” print, dresses with tied shoulder straps, pleated skirts, oversize turtlenecks and shirts with embroidery. The collections are complemented by tops, t-shirts, socks and accessories with Mateusz Kollek’s original graphics

The colour palette is made up of several dominant shades – black, cobalt and bottle green – interspersed with red, orange, powder pink, yellow and a few tones of blue

I wanted this collection to remind us that we have plenty of beautiful everyday moments. And we don’t always have to look far for it, that seemingly ordinary and everyday things are actually special. But we often only know this when we lose it and can’t go back to it. Because every return means change, and the loss itself is also a very important process,” adds the author.

Like every collection by the Krakow-based designer, all items are designed and produced with the idea of sustainable fashion in mind. The clothes are made from certified organic cotton (GOTS) and fabric ends. The designer’s clothing cuts have been designed to make maximum use of the fabric and to eliminate and reduce clothing offcuts
The collection is available from 24 August at: and in the designer’s Krakow mini studio at 22 Pułaskiego Street

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