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Pedestrian crossing at Gdańsk Główny train station

It’s a revolution. A new overground pedestrian crossing at Gdańsk Główny railway station will make it much easier to get around in this part of the city. The Gdańsk City Development Directorate has announced that it has signed a contract for the project.

Residents will gain an overground crossing, which will be connected to the tram stop. Previously, pedestrians had to walk a long way to get to the other side of the street. The construction of the crossing therefore means a revolution. Until now, drivers have had priority here.

The new pedestrian crossing at the railway station is not only about painted lanes, it is also about a cycle crossing within the junction, designating kiss & ride parking spaces at the main railway station, extending the tram platforms and creating the possibility of entering the stops from the pedestrian crossing. The design is tailored to minimise the reconstruction of underground infrastructure, reports DRMG.

The crossing will be built by the Flize Gres Group. The cost of the works will be PLN 12 million. The new crossing is expected to be ready by the end of this year, and pedestrians will be able to use it in January 2025, as soon as the acceptance procedures have been completed. Before work starts, the contractor will prepare a temporary traffic organisation project so as not to completely close this part of Gdańsk.

Gdańsk. Gdańsk Główny railway station building, Photo: Dominik Paszliński/

This is another pedestrian crossing that will be created in Gdańsk. More than two years ago, a crossing by the Wyżynna Gate was opened. According to observations and counts, during peak hours the flow of pedestrians and cyclists, per unit time, counts more people than the flow of vehicles on both carriageways combined – 159 pedestrians and cyclists / minute and 79 vehicles / minute.

source: Direction of City Development of Gdańsk

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photo Piotr Wittman/graphics Jacek Szymański/

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