Photos like paintings. The LEO brand suggests how to decorate interiors

The LEO brand uses a special printing technique that gives ordinary photographs a unique character. The surface of works printed in this way acquires a texture, allowing depth to be revealed.

The DeePrint technique, developed as a proprietary innovation by the LEO brand, is a groundbreaking way of presenting photographs in the form of images, which gives the works of art the impression of spatiality. By using advanced layering of the print, it is possible to perfectly render the textures, lines and shapes of nature, adding a sense of depth to the photographs. A key element of this technology is the play of light, the precise highlighting of which enriches even the smallest details, creating an eye-catching whole. The effect becomes particularly apparent depending on the angle of the light and the time of day, making LEO images look different in different lighting conditions, creating an innovative combination of art and technology.

The images created by outstanding photographic artists with this technology take on a unique character, clearly standing out from traditional prints. As a result, the DeePrint technique not only enables artists to express their visions in an authentic and detailed way, but above all allows viewers to experience the art emotionally, each time discovering new nuances and aspects of the works presented in the office or at home.

Enthusiasts of contemporary photography who decide to purchase images created using the DeePrint technique for their home or office have the option at LEO to choose between different framing options. They can opt for classic wooden frames, which add elegance and a traditional touch, or modern frames available in a diverse palette of colours, allowing the product to be matched to individual aesthetic preferences.

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