Poznań has published a new logo. It was inspired by the city’s coat of arms

The City of Poznań has today published its new logo. Along with it, a new slogan and website were also created: markapoznan.pl. The logo was developed during the process of creating a new brand strategy together with the visual identity. Several dozen people were involved in the project, which consisted of three stages. From now on, the famous ‘Poznań city of know-how’ has been replaced by the slogan ‘you are at home’.

“We started our work by analysing the symbolism of Poznań’s coat of arms and its modern restyling,” – emphasises Maciej Kawecki, designer from the Brandburg studio, who prepared the logo. The letter “P” became the symbol of the figures of Peter and Paul contained in the coat of arms. It is also the symbol of the open house, which is placed on the coat of arms, a city shield in green. Above the house floats a six-pointed star symbolising light and the six brand values of the City of Poznań, which are compactness, friendliness, efficiency, humanity, pride and freedom. The star is also a symbol of continuity and the interplay of past and future, tradition and modernity. It discreetly refers to the previous logotype, which has already become firmly established in the minds of residents and tourists.

The previous brand strategy for Poznań was developed 15 years ago. After several years, it was decided to refresh the image.

“This is due to the natural development of the city, demographic, social, economic and technological trends, and – above all – to the visible changes in the key values of Poznań women and men” – noted the Poznań brand website.

The promotional campaign of the new brand will be based on the slogan *You are at home, which will be shown in many contexts. First – during the Night of Museums, in the form of illuminated lettering. The introduction of the new brand strategy will then take place gradually, starting with a change in the visual communication of Poznań City Hall.

“We will implement the changes with care for the environment, sensibly and practically, in the Poznań way. We are committed to a zero-waste approach both in the production of information materials and in promotional activities, so no resources will be wasted. Taxis driving around Poznań with the city’s coat of arms won’t be replacing it with a logo, that’s obvious. But new graphic materials promoting city events, for example, will be designed in accordance with the city’s brand book” – says Joanna Żabierek, Deputy Director of the Mayor’s Office of the UMP for City Marketing.

nowe logo

After the publication of the new logotype, a very lively discussion erupted in social media. Opinions are polarised and have divided not only Poznań residents, but also many people from other parts of the country. And what is your opinion on the new logo?

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Source: markapoznan.pl, poznan.pl

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Subject: Poznań has published a new logo. It was inspired by the city’s coat of arms

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