Raw and monochrome. An optical salon that delights the eye!

Austere and monochromatic – this is how the PJ.Lobster optician’s showroom, which was built in Barcelona’s Fossar de les Moreres square , in the El Born district, can be described in two words. The architects of the Spanish El Departamento studio are the creators of this unique interior . Take a peek inside, because the PJ.Lobster boutique is a real feast for the eyes.

PJ.Lobster ( full name: Project Lobster) is a young eyewear company that has made a name for itself with original frames and bold designs. Hailing from Barcelona, the company used to focus on online sales, but has now decided to open its first boutique in its hometown. To collaborate on the interior design, the designers invited architects from El Departamento studio.

The architects’ goal was to create a boutique that tells a story and represents the spirit of the brand. Another important consideration was to relate the aesthetics to the location of the boutique. The boutique is located in the prestigious El Born district, on the Fossar de les Moreres square, close to the famous Santa Maria del Mar cathedral, among others. The premises therefore had to combine the innovative design thought of PJ. Lobster, but also to fit in with the historic fabric of the city. How did the representatives of El Departamento manage this task?

Two key concepts:minimalist textures vs.rawhigh-tech

El Departamento wanted to create a contrast in the interior based on raw, naked forms, juxtaposed with hyg-tech elements, which turned out to be furniture or display cabinets. The monochrome walls merge with the floor, the decors, the ceiling or even the exterior facade of the boutique. The furniture, although also selected in terms of colour, breaks out of the scheme and creates its own textures. The architects add that they were also keen to differentiate the elements of the boutique, which they did by choosing different texture granularities. Although the interior is monochromatic, it shows contrasts of textures that are antagonistic to each other. Here, a rough wall clashes with a velvet curtain, and the soft upholstery of an armchair is juxtaposed with the crisp and sharp surface of a polished metal table.

Thanks to its character, this interior is timeless, inspiring and inviting to enter, and the result has greatly pleased the company’s owners, who have already announced that further boutiques will be built in Madrid or Zaragoza, among others. The austere and monochrome boutique in Barcelona will therefore not be alone!

source: El Departamento / www.eldepartamento.net
photos: José Hevia

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