Renovation of townhouses on Rzeźnicka Street in Gdańsk. Historic buildings are as beautiful as before

Tenement houses in the Old Suburb of Gdańsk have regained their former glory. The renovation at Rzeźnicka Street included five buildings numbered 44, 45, 46, 47A, 47B. The buildings were erected at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The investment was carried out by Gdańskie Nieruchomości. Work began in January 2023 and was completed recently. This was the first stage of a comprehensive renovation of a number of townhouses.

The scope of the comprehensive restoration and renovation works included the execution of vertical and horizontal insulation of the foundations, conservation works of the historic elevations together with their elements, such as cornices, window bands, sills, rustication and other architectural details. Insulation of the walls was also carried out (the front walls from the inside, the remaining walls from the outside) and the window joinery was replaced with a consistent and imitating historical forms.

The buildings were given subdued colours that refer to their historical colours and the details on the facades were accentuated. The project also involved the restoration of the old entrance doors to the buildings as well as the dormer windows and gables, and a roof renovation with replacement of the roofing and insulation, repair of the roof structure and its partial reinforcement and replacement of the guttering, as well as repairs to the chimneys.

All works were carried out in accordance with the conservation work programme. Thanks to the renovation at Rzeźnicka Street, it was possible to restore the historic tenements, which have become a great decoration of the Old Suburb and the pride of the city. In the future, Gdańskie Nieruchomości also plans to renovate the staircases and other elements of the buildings’ interiors. The value of this investment is more than PLN 6.5 million.

Source: GdańskieNieruchomości

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