Revolution at Legnica railway station. Hall with platforms after reconstruction

This is the sight that residents have been waiting years for. Travellers using the Legnica railway station can finally enjoy the renovated hall and platforms.

The railway station in Legnica is the second largest in Lower Silesia. It is surpassed only by Wrocław. Until recently, the platform hall was dirty, dilapidated and the quality of the platforms left much to be desired. PKP PLK completed an investment worth PLN 60 million, thanks to which the infrastructure was renovated and adapted to serve people with disabilities.

The station hall in Legnica is impressive. It is a steel structure with a span of around 46 metres. Its shape is reminiscent of the Hamburg station hall. Today, it is one of three historic platform halls in Poland. Only Wrocław Główny and Bytom have similar ones. The hall was entered in the register of historical monuments in 1987.

The hall is larger than a football pitch. In total, the hall is 120 m long, 60 m wide and 20 m high. During the works, the structure was sandblasted and protected with an anti-corrosion coating. Importantly, it was possible to recreate the two former glazed windows in the roof. The skylights now allow more daylight to reach the platforms. Changes have also been made to the subway. The railwaymen have replaced the floors and ceramic tiles on the walls. New lighting and information showcases have been installed there.

The hall BEFORE the makeover:

Hall in 2009, public domain

The railwaymen announced that platform number 4 was opened for service on 9 June, meaning that travellers can now make full use of the facility. New on the platforms are four lifts. Platforms number 3 and 4, which have been rebuilt, are now higher, making it easier to get on and off trains. The platforms have also received new lighting.

At Legnica station, the work was carried out under the close supervision of the conservation officer. Not only the types of materials were determined, but also the way in which they were to be installed. The original colours of the hall construction elements were checked. The unusual character of the station is also emphasised by the renovated water cranes and former traffic duty stations. The historic nature of the facility, the lack of complete documentation and the need to reinforce the structure required additional measures in terms of time, content and financing, reads a PKP PLK communiqué.

The project to rebuild the platforms and the hall was financed from the state budget.

source: PKP PLK

contemporary photos: M. Pabiańska

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Platforms in 2020:

photo by Kamil Czaiński,, licence: CC BY-SA 4.0

Platform hall AFTER reconstruction:

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