A closeup shot of a gold door knob on a black door

Room doors as part of room design. These ideas are worth looking out for!

Furniture, curtains, small accessories – when arranging, these are the elements that are most often the focus of attention. Where are interior doors in all this? They are often treated as a necessary, purely functional complement to the design. However, they too can become an important part of a room’s design.

Wooden interior doors – versatile and stylish

The versatility of wood makes it possible to make items that fit into both classic and modern arrangements. Different types of interior doors made from this material suit minimalist, Italian and country decor.

Interior doors in modern arrangements

Interior doors do not have to stand out to become the perfect complement to a room. A good example is sashes made only of solid panels. The lack of glazing and simple form will perfectly complement a space finished in styles such as minimalist and related Scandinavian.

Interior doors for cosy rooms

Strict minimalism has its charm, but many people prefer to feel a cosy atmosphere at home. This can be achieved by furnishing a flat in the Italian style. Interior designs in warm, dark wood tones will be the perfect complement to this type of décor. The Italian-inspired style is also full of glass and metal inserts, which can be found in doors.

Interior doors of the barn type – originality paired with classics

A cosy atmosphere can be achieved in yet another style – the village. An interior door that looks like a reduced barn door will fit in with a flat furnished in the atmosphere of a decades-old farmhouse. Such models cannot be denied effect. They will undoubtedly attract the attention of guests and show the ingenuity of the hosts.

White interior doors as a complement or contrast

White is one of the royal colours and therefore suits rooms decorated in the glamour style. By inserting interior doors in this colour, you can complement the room with a motif reminiscent of Mediterranean architecture.

White interior doors in glamour style

Gold inlays and crystal handles? Nothing of the sort! If you want to create a glamorous home, you don’t have to resort to such obvious ideas. Those who would like to design an interior in this style can paint the walls in one of the dark colours, such as wine or navy blue. A white door set into the wall will stand out spectacularly against its background.

White interior doors in a Mediterranean design

In such rooms, blue and white play a central role. The art of selecting interior doors for this type of arrangement requires finding a model that is as simple as possible, but not made of solid panel. Glazing is advisable. Importantly, the glazing should preferably cover a large area of the leaf.

Striking loft interior doors for the living room

Various types of interior doors can be found in the Hörmann range. There is also something particularly spectacular and practical among the company’s products. Loft doors, i.e. models consisting almost entirely of glass. The combination of glass with barely visible metal fittings is the ideal addition to rooms with an industrial feel.

Why rooms and not a single room? Loft interior models simultaneously divide and connect two spaces. This design has great practical advantages. In this way it is possible to illuminate the interior much better. What’s more, doors of this type optically enlarge them. In this way, they nicely separate the living room from the kitchenette.

When buying interior doors (not only loft doors), it is worth considering how they can be opened. If there is a lack of space in your flat, a sliding model may be a good choice. This is a simple way to save a lot of space in a room or corridor. Such constructions are also original and will emphasise the unique character of the interior.

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A closeup shot of a gold door knob on a black door

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