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Rouen cathedral on fire. It used to be the tallest in the world

A rescue operation is underway. The cathedral in Rouen, France, caught fire at midday. The fire is currently consuming the spire of the tower, which is several hundred metres above the ground. In 2019, a similar fire damaged Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Rouen Cathedral is 151 metres high. It was built in 1876 and at the time was the tallest building in the world. Today, it is the fourth tallest church in the world. By comparison, the tower of the Basilica of Licheń Stary is only slightly lower – 141.5 m high.

The cathedral is an example of Gothic architecture. Its front part is decorated with two towers of different heights. The fire covered the central cast-iron spire. For the time being, the cause of the fire is unknown, but it is known that the tower is undergoing repair work. The spire was already surrounded by scaffolding and covered with white buildings a few weeks ago. The city authorities report that no one was injured in the fire and that worshippers were evacuated from the church.

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Rouen Cathedral is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in France. Its great fan was the Impressionist Claude Monet. The artist dedicated a series of paintings to it between 1893 and 1894, depicting the architectural craftsmanship of the structure and the colours the church’s façade takes on during the day depending on the weather. In total, the series consists of 31 paintings.

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source: Le Monde, TVN24


photo by Cyril Aucher,, licence: CC BY-SA 4.0

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