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SAW Interior of the Year Competition. Third edition starts

The SAW Interior of the Year competition is the largest and independent competition for interior architects in Poland. The event is constantly evolving. Not only is the value of the awards increasing, but also its formula is expanding – this year sees the debut of an award for sustainable design. The best projects will be assessed by a jury of recognised experts from many creative fields.

The SAW Interior of the Year competition was established by the interior design community to promote functional and beautiful interiors, original design and good professional practice. The competition is open to all professionals, including those outside the association. The only requirement for participation is a degree in architecture, design or related fields.

A view from many sides

Although the competition is an initiative and the result of the involvement of Polish interior architects, the entries submitted this year will, however, be judged for the first time by a body of recognised representatives from many disciplines. These will include: interior architects Agnieszka Stefańska (chairperson of the jury), Aleksander Jankowski, Zofia Wyganowska, Grzegorz Goworek, architect Przemek Olczyk, sculptor Tomasz Górnicki, photographer Jacek Poremba designer and illustrator Malwina Konopacka, Professor Barbara Kowalewska of the Faculty of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and Magdalena Bodis, art collector and member of the Board of the Association of Friends of the National Museum in Warsaw.

I am convinced that the diversity of perspectives will allow us, as jurors, to see even more clearly all the values of the projects submitted to the competition. The many points of view and the handling of both architectural and artistic contexts will undoubtedly enrich the jury’s work. Lively discussions and great excitement are guaranteed,” announces Agnieszka Stefańska.

Towards sustainable development

As in previous editions, the competition comprises realisations in 2 main categories: private interiors and public interiors. The winners in each category will receive cash prizes and promotional activities in the media to a total value of PLN 30,000. Second and third place winners will also be rewarded with prizes worth PLN 15,000 and PLN 5,000 respectively. The total value of prizes is as much as PLN 110 000! The realisation of the competition with such panache became possible thanks to the kind involvement of outstanding patrons. These include the companies: Electrolux – Strategic Partner, Hansgrohe and XAL – Main Partners, and nobonobo – Supporting Partner.

This year, for the first time, additional prizes will be awarded for interiors realised in the spirit of sustainable development – created with a view to saving resources such as materials, energy and water, and aimed at restoring a good relationship between man and nature. The Association of Interior Architects recognises the importance of and need for this formula. Hence the additional special award – ‘For Better Living’, co-created and sponsored by the Electrolux brand. The best implementation of sustainability will be awarded by the main competition jury expanded to include a brand representative. The winner of this award will receive a financial prize of PLN 5,000 and a voucher worth PLN 5,000 for Electrolux products from the studio line. Electrolux is a Swedish brand whose motto “For Better Living” puts people and care for the environment at the centre. Our knowledge and experience combined with the functionality and design of our products contribute to shaping a better and more comfortable life for consumers. By entering the SAW Interior of the Year competition as a strategic partner, we want to recognise the efforts of the architecture industry to implement ecological ideas in their operations,” says Olga Głębicka, Retail Activation Manager at Electrolux Poland.

Media patronage over the Wnętrze Roku SAW competition was extended by the following editorial teams: Onet, Elle Decoration, Label Magazine, Design Alive, Architecture Snob, Czas na Wnętrze, White Mad, Weranda, Point of Design, &Living, Domosfera, Magazif, RMF Classic, Architektura & Biznes, Architektura Murator, Bryła, PLN Design. The competition is held under the honorary patronage of the Association of Friends of the National Museum.

Deadline for submissions: end of October

Electronic submission of entries lasts from 12 June to 31 October 2024. In November, the jury will deliberate, selecting the winners of the first stage and inviting them to submit their competition boards – by 14 February 2025. On this basis, the winners will then be selected. They will be announced at a gala event on 3 April 2025.

The competition rules and all organisational information can be found at www.saw.org.pl/konkurs.

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