Scheibler’s farm in Łódź will be revived. Flats will be built here

The project includes the renovation of historic buildings and the construction of a new section. The Scheibler Manor is located next to the Nad Jasieniem park. The investor plans to build new buildings here with mixed functionality, whose aesthetics are to relate to the historical fabric.

Karol Scheibler was called the ‘king of cotton’. He was one of the richest industrialists of old Łódź. His former empire was responsible for 60 per cent of the textile industry production in the Kingdom of Poland. The buildings of his factories have survived to this day. These include the buildings along Tymienieckiego Street.

A private investor plans to transform the buildings located by the Nad Jasieniem park and create a place with mixed functionality there. Mostly residential space will be created there, but he also plans to create space for trade and services.

The design for the changes was prepared by architects from the Design Lab Group studio. The concept is to build 242 flats. Each will have access to a parking space in an underground garage. The building, which will be four to seven storeys high, is designed to create an inner courtyard that is expected to be vibrant.

The architects proposed a regular arrangement of windows and balconies and keeping the façade in natural ceramic. In this way, the new part will blend harmoniously with the neighbouring historic buildings.

The roof, with a modern interpretation of the gabled form, has been finished with seamed metal sheets painted in a colour referring to the natural ceramics, which further enriches the aesthetics of the entire complex, the project authors describe.

This is how the place looks today:

photo by Jacek Bogdan,, licence: CC 3.0

The architects were also responsible for the design of the renovation of the historic buildings: the former stables, barn and granary. The renovated ones are to become attractive places to live. There are also plans to build a road that will connect the Scheibler’s Folwark with Śmigłego-Rydza Avenue.

Design: Design Lab Group

Team: Dawid Olszak, Maciek Taczalski, Karolina Taczalska, Bartosz Kaciupski, Mateusz Cyganek, Paulina Jaklewicz, Wiktoria Klimczak, Maciej Mądry, Sandra Ambroziak-Giełzak, Nina Olewińska, Mateusz Przybylski, Małgorzata Błażejewska, Katarzyna Dominiak, Katarzyna Komoń, Kamila Bartos

Visualisations: F F A R

Investor: Vision Development

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