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She designed a flat for her brother. Karolina Janczy’s new project

Interior architects sometimes do projects for their loved ones. This is a difficult task, as they have to juxtapose a professional approach with the emotions accompanying family ties. The flat for her brother was designed by Karolina Janczy of the Janczy Studio. The result is an interior that meets the needs of her brother and his wife as closely as possible.

The flat has two levels and is located in a new building. The layout proposed by the developer seemed to have been created for someone else. The flat was divided into small rooms and the kitchenette was located in the current bathroom, which, as an odd box, shared the space in the middle of the first level.

The designer, Karolina Janczy, was tasked with transforming this space into a multifunctional, open-plan interior, ideally suited to the lifestyle of the owners, who value gatherings, shared meals and time spent with loved ones. Key to this project were solutions tailored to the current lifestyle of the residents. The specially designed furniture had to be adaptable to different needs, to allow flexibility and give the space a multifunctional character. A pull-out table top from the kitchen island, a sofa that changes layout and can be used as a sleeping space are just some of the ingenious solutions that were implemented in this project.

Peter and Magda wanted a functional space with a touch of distinctiveness, decisive details and design accents in darker, unusual colours. The living space, where they spend time with family and friends, was particularly important to them. The space had to be flexible, allowing it to be adapted for all kinds of gatherings. The style of this project escapes clear categorisation, being their own interpretation of the ideal space. However, if I were to define it from a professional point of view, I would call it eclectic, combining modern functions with details alluding to classical solutions, comments Karolina Janczy.

Karolina Janczy, photo by Ada Gruszka

The flat has been divided into a private area with a sleeping area and an open area for holding gatherings with loved ones. The bedroom was combined with a dressing room and a spacious bathroom, offering the owners a sense of privacy, comfort and storage space.

On the lower level, an open-plan kitchen has been built with modern features. An interesting feature is the pull-out table top prepared especially for this interior. It can be pulled out from the kitchen island, allowing flexible use of the space during meetings.

The character of the interior is given by the modern lighting system Labra multisystem and the minimalist lamp Estiluz, which is suspended above the island. The living room is the heart of the house. A large layout-changing sofa has been placed here. The interior is decorated with a colourful wall of abstract shapes, which was personally painted by the designer. Another interesting feature is the wallpaper on the ceiling in the hallway, which was based on her painting. The bedroom also features one of her works.

Here, the details and small details are of great importance, well thought out and executed with a certain detachment, which adds lightness to the interior. For example, the fabrics in the wardrobe niches, the wallpaper in unobvious places or the towel holders in the form of little people climbing up the wall. Such a mix of expensive elements with more ordinary furniture creates an individualised, in my opinion bold space, ideal for a young couple’s first flat together, ” adds Karolina Janczy.

photo by Przemek Kuciński

When designing the interior for the family, creating storage space was key. This makes it easier to keep the interior tidy. The designer decided to divide the wardrobe into two parts – for her and for him. The dressing room and the numerous wardrobes were key to achieving the desired functionality. This treatment not only organised the space, but created a kind of asylum. There is also a common area that connects the two zones, ensuring harmonious coexistence.

The entire project took five months to complete. Considering the complexity of the project and the individual solutions implemented in this interior, this is an impressive result.


About the studio:

Janczy Studio is a design studio that has been operating for over 20 years. The team of architects creates living spaces based on all changing and subjective needs and modern technologies. – Human beings and their needs are important to us. Natural noble materials, emotions, colours, functions and light. We design interiors in which everyone will find their own subjective world,” the architects write on their website. The studio is headed by Karolina Janczy, PhD in interior design, who has experience in furniture and fine art design. The studio has more than 400 completed projects to its credit. These are mainly commercial, hotel, restaurant, sacred or private investments.

design: Karolina Janczy – Janczy Studio

photography: Bartek Barczyk, Przemek Kuciński

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