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Skaryszewski Park is getting a shine. Modernisation included, among other things, the lighting

Skaryszewski Park, regarded as one of Warsaw’s most beautiful parks, is currently undergoing comprehensive changes to improve its aesthetics, functionality and safety. The modernisation works are being carried out with great respect for the historical and natural values of the place.

At the beginning of July, essential work was completed on the comprehensive renovation of the main park avenue, which runs from the entrance at the Waszyngtona Roundabout to Kamionkowskie Lake. As part of this investment, the old concrete lanterns were replaced with stylish replicas of Warsaw pastorals, which were fitted with modern LEDs. The new alley surface is water-permeable, which has a positive effect on the surrounding greenery. The new park lanterns have been designed to reduce the phenomenon of ‘light pollution’. After 10pm, the intensity of the light is reduced and the colour temperature is changed to a warmer temperature, which is more friendly to the park’s flora and fauna. The safety of walkers is ensured by motion sensors, which increase the light intensity when the presence of people is detected.

The main avenue after the lighting has been replaced. Photo: ZDM Warszawa

The modernisation of the main avenue was carried out in accordance with conservation guidelines in order to restore the park to its historical appearance. Particular attention was paid to protecting the towering ash trees growing here, whose roots were previously vulnerable to damage. New kerbs and lighting cable routes have been routed away from the trees to provide better living conditions for them. The modernisation works in Skaryszewski Park are the result of cooperation with Warsaw residents who submitted their proposals as part of the civic budget. Thanks to their initiatives, it was possible to renovate the alleys, the playground and to restore the Faun on the Dolphin sculpture, which once again adorns one of the park’s main viewing axes.

Park Skaryszewski
Faun on the Dolphin. Photo: ZDM Warszawa

In April, the iconic café “Misianka” reopened after the renovation of the catering pavilion. The tennis courts area is also being renovated to become a sports and leisure venue. Renovation of the Dali Garden is also planned for the coming years, which is expected to be the crowning achievement of the changes to the park’s main avenue. The Ignacy Jan Paderewski Skaryszewski Park, established at the beginning of the 20th century, is one of the most important natural monuments in Warsaw. The park is home to 280 species of trees and shrubs, and its rich dendrological collection includes many valuable specimens that have survived to the present day.

The modernisation of the park is co-financed under the government’s programme to support the development of the City of Warsaw for 2023-2030, and is worth PLN 7.4 million, of which the subsidy is PLN 5.9 million.


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