Skyscrapers right next to the Palace of Culture. This is what they could look like!

The centre of Warsaw is becoming increasingly densely built up. Free areas for new investments can be created by the reconstruction of the cross-city line and the development of Plac Defilad. The former runs through the city centre, and architects and urban planners point out that new investments can be realised just above it. It is the very centre of the city that can be built up with more skyscrapers. How would you rate the new skyscrapers right next to the Palace of Culture?

At the end of April, a heated discussion on our Facebook page(see here), was triggered by an article in which we published a concept for the development of the area above the cross-city line in Warsaw. It was prepared by Jacek Łuczak. The article with visualisations can be found HERE. People who voted in the poll strongly supported this vision of the centre. This time we are publishing a different concept, created by architect Jacek Banasiewicz.

Architect Jacek Banasiewicz has over 20 years of professional experience. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology, and has also studied at the Politecnico di Milano and University College Dublin. He is a member of The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland and the Royal Institute of British Architects. He prepared the concept for the development of the city centre line and Plac Defilad in Warsaw.

The concept for the development of Plac Defilad and the central section of the cross-city line shows the possibilities that lie dormant in this part of Warsaw. The architect wants to merge the downtown buildings and create a coherent centre. The high-rise buildings he proposes are not just meant to be offices. Their scale, function and character are to be an optimal mix of residential, office, hotel, service, retail and catering spaces. The entire development will be complemented by greenery plantings – 1,000 new trees.

Metro Centrum

The basic idea is to sew together the existing buildings to create a clear layout of the areas above the cross-city line and Plac Defilad. By erecting new high-rises, Jacek Banasiewicz would like to tidy up the space in the centre, from Zawiszy Square to the Palace of Culture. This section would become the new showpiece of the capital.

The concept developed is based on the main assumptions of the Local Spatial Development Plan with changes by the architect. These changes are intended to better integrate existing buildings with new developments. The proposed vision is conceptual in nature and has been developed without detailed ownership, engineering, insolation and shading, industry analyses.

Warsaw is not Dubai

The architect’s concept includes a number of new skyscrapers, but the architect has defined their height in the range of 220-240. They would be built between Jerozolimskie Avenue and Świętokrzyska Street. This is the optimum height, which will affect the skyline of the capital, but will not disturb its proportions.

There are also many small interventions in the concept. One example is the Centrum metro station. The entrance to it would be highlighted with a special architectural setting. A light and high canopy would provide a landmark.

Defilad Square itself would be built up more strongly. Behind the existing block, the Museum of Modern Art proposes the construction of further buildings, which would be relatively low so as not to obstruct the view of the group of skyscrapers.

The architect’s proposed buildings are to be of the highest architectural quality. Zawiszy Square and Plac Defilad would be connected by frontage buildings with accompanying greenery. This is just an outline of the changes proposed by the architect. How do you like this concept? We publish a poll below.

design: Jacek Banasiewicz


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