Small and beautiful. A new series of tables from Polish brand Hogai

Four new tables have been added to the Hogai brand portfolio. The series consists of bedside, coffee and auxiliary table models. They are all distinguished by their light form and sincere function. The furniture will definitely enliven a space. The proposed colour palette brings vivid expression.

The entire series is united by lightness and the concept of a closed top with an elevated edge, which has a utilitarian function but also plays an important aesthetic role – it tames sharp metal edges and makes them perceived as subtle, giving a sense of safe comfort. In the bedside tables, the band that closes the top appears as a break, which will allow objects that require a cable – a bedside lamp or a phone – to be placed on it.

Steel as a material is extremely malleable, inspiring and encourages the search for interesting forms. We thought with the solid, which becomes light, filigree and interesting in this material. Once again, this bauhaus, makes us look for simple, minimalist forms, hence the low coffee table, which is a bit of a tray floating above the floor and a bit of a heavy solid,’ says Patrycja Bruź-Soniewicka Creative Director of Hogai.

Tutor & Tailor are bedside tables – dynamic objects that adapt effortlessly to the space and needs. They can be placed in 4 different positions – taking the form of cubbies or tables presenting open shelves. They are different in their character – the asymmetrical Tutor is a proposal for minimalists, Tailor – slightly more complex – for lovers of shelves. The closed form of the top with an elevated edge is designed to prevent objects we want next to the bed from falling off. And the vertical and horizontal shelves will allow you to organise the books, albums or magazines you need at hand before bedtime.

TheActress auxiliary table redefines comfort and is meant to complement the interior. It is the result of a search for a “graceful and graceful”, useful form that will do its job, at coffee time or when you need to browse the press. The vertical shelves are not only an aesthetic choice, but also a practical one – favourite albums at hand, with a cup of coffee.

The Journalist coffee table is an expressive form whose character builds the centre of the interior. It is an expression of a harmonious balance between lightness and grace and a solid with character. Attention to detail – the refined, soft lines of the square top, closed with a delicate edge determines the style of the product and the interior in which it is placed.

The tables in the new series extend the Hogai collection of products, made of steel that allows for quality without excess. All products are coated in a durable powder-coated structural lacquer, Hogai offers products in a range of 11 carefully selected colours. chosen for their resonance and vibrancy, embodying the joy and energy integral to the brand’s mission. Each product is designed with thought and attention to detail, reflecting an eye for sophisticated lightweight forms, functionality and vibrant expression.

The new Hogai table series was created in collaboration between the HOGAI & BIURO AR design group, comprising: Bartłomiej Klepiński & Katarzyna Erkiert and Patrycja Bruź-Soniewicka.

source: Hogai

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