Soft Loft home in Gdansk. The architects opted for simplicity and comfort

The interior of the Soft Loft house was designed by architects from the bkm group studio. Their task was to create a space aesthetically reminiscent of the loft style, which would become a friendly place to live.

The use of white and grey gives the interior a raw feel. These are colours that will work well in modern and streamlined arrangements. The impression of coolness can be broken by combining concrete and black with wood. This is what the architects did when they designed the Soft Loft in Gdańsk.

The house has 220 square metres. The ground floor area is 140 sq m. (including the garage, utility room and boiler room), while the attic is 80 square metres.

At the very beginning of the construction process, the investors approached the architects so that they could determine the target functional layout and plan the location of zones and the placement of partition walls. The architects also suggested the course of the ventilation system and indicated where to run the sanitary and electrical installations.

We had time to prepare the detailed design for each of the stages, and as a result, we did not have to change anything during construction, as everything had already been adjusted in detail to our design,” say the authors of the project.

The interior was filled with a lot of natural materials such as oak wood, which warms up the interior and contrasts with the custom-made concrete panels.

Oak wood also adorns the staircase, which leads to the first floor along concrete walls and black handrails. The detail of this section is the folds of the balustrade. Another detail is the minimalist fireplace. Its installation was difficult to realise, but the planned effect was achieved.

About the studio:

Architects Marta Komorowska and Bartosz Koszałka are co-founders of bkm group. They create individual architectural building and construction projects as well as comprehensive interior designs, from the concept phase to turnkey implementation, for both private and commercial clients. The team holds the required architectural specialisation licence to design without limitations needed for, among other things, the submission of a construction project to the Authority.

project: bkm group.(

photos: Jakub Nanowski

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