Summer Stories. Elements brand’s new spring/summer 2024 collection

Polish brand Elementy presents its new spring/summer 2024 collection. Inspired by the south, the unobvious prints allude to symbols of holiday flavours and the celebration of carefree moments, a true la dolce vita.


The spring/summer collection refers to the charms of the south coast. The designs are inspired by what is associated with luxury, hot summers and carefree days. Oysters, lobsters, melons, figs, pomegranates or lemons have been used as prints on the fabrics of dresses, a T-shirt and a silk scarf.

The Elements collection is characterised by a neutral colour palette, in warm tones. The garments are airy, thanks to the fashionable oversized cuts. All products will provide the right comfort and convenience during hot days.

Minimalism and “classics” are the DNA of the Elements brand. The head designer, Basia Oramus, also in the summer collection does not forget about regular customers, for whom she has prepared models in muted colours and simple cuts.


For the first time, the brand’s collection includes swimwear, as well as products dedicated to the beach – a terry bag that can hold a towel, sunscreen lotions or a favourite book, and a sweatshirt inspired by a beach poncho.


The new Elements collection is made entirely of natural materials such as linen, viscose, cotton, tencel and silk. They allow the skin to breathe and ensure lightness and freshness during summer walks.

The Elementy brand takes as its goal the creation of garments with a perspective of sustainability, guided by the values of conscious fashion and care for the environment. It is committed to sustainable development and the creation of quality and functional products.


The warm colours of the campaign images, allude to the rays of the sun. The photographer is Ola Walkow, and the brand’s creative director Klara Ogielska-Bernecka is responsible for the production and artistic vision.

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Model: Paulina Kube / Selective Models

Photo: Ola Walków

Style: Michał Koszek / Visual Crafters

MUA: Kamila Jankowska

Art Direction/ Production: Klara Ogielska-Bernecka / Elements

Food Design: Dariusz Bernecki

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