Tenement house at 38 Piłsudskiego Street in Bytom after renovation

This is another tenement house that has been renovated on the same street. The tenement house at 38 Piłsudskiego Street in Bytom has undergone a huge metamorphosis, having been dilapidated for many years it has once again become a place to live.

Not so long ago, it had a hollow roof, collapsed ceilings, a dilapidated staircase, broken windows… The tenement was built at the beginning of the 20th century. In recent years it had been uninhabited. Its disastrous state of repair contributed to this; it was one of the most dilapidated tenement houses in the city. This, however, is now a thing of the past.

The renovation work on the building took several months. Workers replaced the entire roof, installed new beams, re-bricked the ground floor and replaced the window frames. The building also received thermal insulation, the façade was cleaned and cavities were filled in. The annexe was also renovated.

The effect of the work is very impressive. I amglad that the revitalisation of the quarter between Piłsudskiego and Kwietniewskiego Streets is entering a decisive stage, and that the inhabitants of Bytomare moving into the premises,” says Mariusz Wołosz, the Mayor of Bytom.

This is how the building looked BEFORE renovation:

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Inside, space has been created for seven flats. At the end of February, the first tenants received the keys. The tenement at 38 Piłsudskiego Street in Bytom was renovated as part of a joint renovation budget for two buildings. The second was the tenement at number 40; the total cost of the works amounted to PLN 3.5 million.

photo: Hubert Klimek, source: UM Bytom

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