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The art of making things. Wojciech Blaszczyk of Sedno Studio and his projects

He founded Sedno Studio in 2020 and previously gathered experience in design studios in Scandinavia and Italy. Wojciech Błaszczyk is a multidisciplinary designer who creates furniture, accessories, lighting and other objects. All his designs are distinguished by minimalism, timelessness and attention to detail. This is appreciated by experts and jury members of design competitions.

He showed an interest in making things as a child. With the help of paper, toothpicks and a vivid imagination, he developed various shapes. First for fun, then more seriously. At school, he attended model-making classes, which taught him how to think about space and visualise finished objects.

The choice of course and university was therefore a natural one. He studied design at the Faculty of Interior Design and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. At the same time, he gained experience working for Oskar Zięta. Shortly after graduation, he moved to Denmark, where he started working for Normann Copenhagen. As a designer, he was responsible for creating new concepts and transforming them into final products. He became intimately familiar with how the entire design process works, from the brief to the finished product on the shop shelf. At Norman Copenhagen, he was in charge of more than a dozen projects that were put into production. He also gained experience working for Claesson Koivisto Rune in Stockholm and Nichetto Studio in Venice, for whom he designed furniture and accessories.

Scandinavia has had a strong influence on Wojciech Blaszczyk’s sense of aesthetics. Today, he appreciates not only the design there, but also the work culture, the professional approach to completing tasks at every stage of the process and the quality of contacts between people.

A turning point in his career was his stay in Venice, which coincided with the outbreak of the pandemic. He returned to his family home and, after a moment’s pause, decided that he would start designing under his own name. This is how Sedno Studio was born. Today, the studio’s portfolio includes designs for commercial furniture, with designs often created for well-known brands. Some of them have made it to exhibitions such as Milan Design Week, Brussels Furniture Fair, IMM Cologne, Warsaw Home or Łódź Design Festival. Furniture of his design has also won quite a few awards. These include: German Design Awards, Dobry Wzór, Mazda Design Experience, make me!, Sofacompany Design Competition and Young Design Competition. Below, we describe selected Sedno Studio projects, and those wishing to get to know Wojciech Błaszczyk better are directed to the 22nd issue of whiteMAD magazine (HERE), where you can find an interview with the designer.

Loop Chair

This is the project that started it all. The furniture design was inspired by traditional Japanese design. It comes down to simple form and function. The armchair has a wooden construction that is visually lightweight and yet very sturdy. The armchair is covered by two strips of layered stitched fabric that intertwine and overlap. A similar treatment is used in a traditional kimono. The project is one of the finalists in the make me! 2020, which is organised at the Łódź Design Festival.


Pause is a set of minimalist furniture, the aesthetics of which slightly allude to Japanese culture. Their design was created to satisfy basic human needs – to allow a moment of relaxation and respite. The set consists of a seat and a table. The furniture has a classic look and its rounded shapes make it pleasant to the touch. The designer specifically proposed a low seat to allow contact with the ground. He made the entire piece from natural materials – wood and cork. Wojciech Blaszczyk developed this design in 2021 and submitted it to the Mazda Design Experience competition. The Pause set made it to the final round.

Sofa Rule

This is a project prepared for Kler. The Rule sofa is part of the Attitude collection and is distinguished by its modularity. The design of the furniture allows for larger and smaller combinations, so it can be adapted to the size of the room and your own needs. The designer has given the sofa geometric shapes. Straight lines intersect at 90 degrees, giving Rule a timeless character. This design will appeal to fans of minimalism. Importantly, the Rule sofa was awarded a special prize at the German Design Awards 2023.

Dandy sofa

When designing garden furniture, it is of paramount importance to ensure its durability. They need to be weatherproof and easy to clean. The Dandy sofa is such a piece of furniture. Wojciech Błaszczyk designed it as a modular piece of furniture. The small version with two seats will fit on a small terrace. Adding another module will decorate a larger area. The structure of the sofa is made of powder-coated stainless steel. An interesting detail is the straps supporting the seat. They not only have a structural function, but also a decorative one. Their colour corresponds to the green and creates a smooth transition with the black of the steel elements. The upholstered parts can be easily washed and replaced.

Gerro tables

They are both colourful and minimalist. The Gerro tables were created in collaboration between Sedno Studio and Mabella. Their design was prepared with cafés and restaurants in mind. When working on their design, Wojciech Błaszczyk sought inspiration from nature. Hence their shape, which is reminiscent of a water spider, and the colour versions. An important functionality is the possibility to adjust the height of the tables to make them more comfortable to use. At this point, it is worth mentioning that the production process of the tables has been developed in such a way as to minimise post-production waste. Gerro’s design has already been recognised at industry events. At the beginning of 2024, the tables won the MTP Group Gold Medal and the special MTP Group Eco Prize. Another is the prestigious must have! awarded to the creators of the Gerro tables at the Łódź Design Festival 2024.


This is another piece of furniture whose appearance can be changed. The Emotion sofa is a modular seating system, so it can take on a classic oblong form, a semi-circular form or even a U-shape. The ability to change the layout will appeal to those who appreciate original design and to interior designers. Emotion will adapt perfectly to the décor of the space. Wojciech Błaszczyk has designed a sofa with numerous curves, which makes it seem fluffy and ready to immerse your whole body in it. The perfect piece of furniture for relaxation! The Emotion sofa was created as part of the Attitude collection by Kler.


Its very name alludes to the design. The English word holder means a handle or holder, which in this sofa is the frame. Its thoughtful shape became the starting point for developing the form of the entire piece of furniture and determined the appearance of the other elements. The sofa looks classic, but thanks to the curves of the frame it gains a designer flair. Wojciech Błaszczyk designed several colour versions, each of which will look good in an eclectic interior. The project was created in collaboration with Marina Lewandowska.

photos: Sedno Studio

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