The entrance plaza at the Operation Storm park is greener. Its renovation has just been completed

More than 2,000 plants have replaced the concrete surface at the entrance square in the Operation Storm park, which is once again open to the public. It will also be seen in its full glory by participants in the August commemoration of the anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising.

The entrance square by the Warsaw Uprising Mound on the side of Bartycka Street has undergone a major metamorphosis. Now one can admire rich and varied vegetation there in place of the former concrete surface. Some of these changes were brought about by the residents themselves, who, together with the capital’s Greenery Management Board, planted Miyawaki microalgae. This totals more than 2,000 plants of native species, including 800 perennials and 1,350 trees and shrubs.

The remaining work was carried out by the company Urban Landscape. The contractor planted more than 70 larger trees as well as shrubs and perennials. Flower meadows were also sown in the square and a rain garden was created. A hillock full of greenery was created on the western side. Benches, chairs and so-called squats provide places to rest after exploring the park. Bike racks, litter bins and lighting were also placed in the square. As part of the works, a rubble concrete retaining wall was also built, continuing the existing wall from the earlier revitalisation of the park. From its top, there is a view of the entire square.


The new entrance plaza completes the changes that the park underwent as part of the revitalisation completed in July 2023. After the changes, the park under the Warsaw Uprising Mound has become even more popular with residents. We wrote about it HERE. The investment was also appreciated by experts. The Storm Action Park won three Architectural Awards from the Mayor of Warsaw, including for ecological solutions, and the Grand Prix of the “Polityka” Architectural Award. This green area was among the finalists for the LILA – Landezine International Landscape Award, one of the most important competitions for public space and landscape architecture.


Photos: Warsaw Greenery Board

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