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The iconic Good Evening in Wrocław neon sign will shine again!

For decades, it has been greeting people arriving in Wrocław by train. The neon sign Dobry wieczór we Wrocławiu was made in 1962 and is located on the roof of a block of flats on Piłsudskiego Street.

The neon sign was designed by architect Janusz Tarantowicz in 1960 and unveiled two years later. At the time, it was the largest neon sign in Wrocław and one of the first to be animated. Initially, the figure of a gentleman with a hat and a flower was larger. It was reduced in the 1980s during the renovation of the building and the conversion of the attic. The original figure extended partly below the edge of the roof; after the changes, the smaller version was entirely on the roof.

The fate of the neon sign was not as colourful as it was. The neon glowed from the 1980s until the early 2000s. Following changes at PKP, the owner of the neon sign became PKP Energetyka. This decided to hand it over to another entity. It was difficult to find people willing to bear the costs generated by the glowing neon. The building’s housing association did not want to take it over. After the matter was publicised by the Wrocław media, an association of neon enthusiasts was formed in 2009 with the aim of renovating the ornament. They managed to find a funder for the renovation work. In October 2010, the neon sign shone again and the repair was paid for by Aquapark Wrocław, which also placed its advertising neon sign on the building.

Unfortunately, today the neon once again does not shine. It requires further work, but this is more difficult than before.

Unfortunately, after another repair, the worn-out elements of the gas neon refused to cooperate, so in the spring we started looking for a contractor to recreate the inscription in the original technology,” informs Ewa Mazur from the Wroclaw Roads and City Maintenance Authority.

The original neon sign worked with the old technology, which is expensive today.

photo from 2014, photo by Lichen99,, licence: CC BY-SA 4.0

At the moment, only the historic neon signs are made this way. All the rest are flexible rubber hoses filled with led lights. Thereturn of luminous advertising in the 21st century has already meant LED technology, adds Ewa Mazur.

The cost of restoring the neon signs will be borne by the Roads and City Maintenance Authority in Wrocław. The Board has found an entity that will restore the neon sign in the old technology. The work is expected to take several weeks and will cost PLN 42,000. The neon sign will be dismantled and returned to its original place in a new version.

source:, ZDiUM

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