The interior is impressive. Two-storey penthouse in Gdansk

Its area is 98 sq m. The two-storey penthouse is located in the Deo Plaza development in Gdańsk. Who will live in it? This remains to be seen. After all, the flat can be purchased.

The flat is located in an attractive location. It is the historic heart of Gdańsk. Its residents will be able to enjoy the view of the Motława, St. Mary’s Basilica or the Old Town. Tomasz Modzelewski of the MO Real Estate company, which is handling its sale, reveals that the price for the penthouse is 6.5 million zlotys and despite its considerable price, it has attracted interest.

The interior design was entrusted to architects from KaCeDe Pracownia Projektowa. The flat has been given a luxurious finish. Every detail has been taken care of here. The space is completely finished and can be lived in overnight.

The living area is located on the ground floor and consists of a living room, a dining area and a kitchenette. The latter was created using Siematic built-in furniture. The architects chose a subdued colour scheme that refers to the colours of nature. The whiteness of the walls is warmed by wooden elements and noble materials. In the bathrooms, fittings from the Antonio Lupi and THG Paris brands were used. A curiosity is the furniture, which is finished in amber. This detail leaves no doubt, we are in Gdańsk!

A wooden staircase with a glass balustrade leads to the first floor. They are winding and have a sculptural form. In the upper part there is a bedroom, of which the bathroom is an integral part. The free-standing bathtub has been positioned in such a way that while bathing one can admire the old buildings outside the windows. Large glazings frame attractive views of vibrant Gdańsk and make the Old Town almost penetrate inside. The whole is crowned by a terrace and balcony that overlooks the entire Motlawa River.

From here, you can admire the beautiful panorama of Gdańsk, including the tower of the Main Town Hall and the tower of St Mary’s Basilica. The view is impressive, plus we have the Motlawa River at our feet. Another element that impressed me a lot is the glazed terrace, which can act as a winter garden, allowing the owners to enjoy it all year round. The open space of the flat was also very impressive. Thanks to the fact that it is a duplex, you can get a very high space with an amazing view, which gives an impressive impression and makes the flat unique,” says Tomasz Modzelewski, Chief Executive Officer at MO Real Estate.

Such conditions are valued by more and more clients. We recently wrote about a record amount for a penthouse in Gdańsk, which cost almost PLN 25 million (you can find the article HERE). Investors are realising the value of new flats in such attractive locations.

Analysing the luxury flat market, we can see that sales of these properties are increasing year on year. There is a high demand for luxury locations, especially in the Tricity, where customers are looking for properties with a beautiful view. There is also a growing interest in seaside properties or those located very close to the sea, such as Yacht Park. In addition to location, there is also a noticeable trend towards buying larger flats. In the past, the upper limit of area was 150 sq m, but now we are seeing an increase in interest in units of up to 500 sq m. This change indicates that developers are adapting to the new needs of the market, which is becoming less and less dominated by investors buying smaller flats (40-70 sq m) and more and more by customers interested in larger living spaces, with areas ranging from 150 to even 500 sq m. – adds Tomasz Modzelewski.

The future residents of the Gdansk flat will also be able to enjoy the amenities that the building offers. These include a spa area and a swimming pool.

source: MO Real Estate

photos: Tom Kurek

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