The interior of a house in Warsaw’s Zawady . Take a look at the staircase!

The interior of the house in Warsaw’s Zawady district transports you to another reality. This is where Polish tradition meets oriental flair. This unique space was designed by Magdalena Lechowicz of Dream Space studio. The photographs were taken by Paweł Biedrzycki of the Kąty Proste studio.

A place where space is as important as its functionality. Jaspis is a project created for a family that values both comfort and unconventional design. The inspiration for creating this place, came from the characteristics of the ‘jasper’ stone. It symbolises support, tranquillity and inner harmony. These inspirations are reflected in every detail of the design of this house.

The interior combines ethnic, Far Eastern elements with modern details to create a unique space. A combination of rawness and cosiness that exudes calm and positive energy. Hand-troweled walls, the natural texture of old wood and brick. Ethnic decorative elements and oriental details, add to its warmth and authenticity.

A unique part of the house is the specially designed staircase, dubbed ‘sculpture’ by the residents. They are located at the focal point of the house, which serves more than just a practical function. Its unique shape allows energy to flow freely, creating a feeling of constant movement and change. The hand-crafted, round-shaped treads add character and elegance, while a screen of old wood adds oriental charm.

The flooring in micro-cement, old brick or old wood allows for a sense of varied textures. Large glazings on the ground floor provide proximity to the surrounding nature.

Special attention has been given to the dining area. The main design element is a custom-designed heavy oak table with a bench. This creates an amazing atmosphere for long and family meals, during which you can enjoy proximity with all members of the household. This is where family get-togethers become extra special.

The study and the kitchen are subtly separated by glazing, while maintaining the coherence of the space.

As the heart of the home, the kitchen exudes ethnic charm, combining traditional and modern elements. A large glazing separates it from the rest of the house, allowing natural light to enter, highlighting the beauty of the details. The handmade wall tiles and the old brick on the floor, create the atmosphere of a country cottage. The kitchen worktop made of concrete, on the other hand, adds to the rawness and modernity. The built-in hood and the brick sideboard, provide functionality without compromising the aesthetics, while the island with a wooden top adds warmth and naturalness. The overall composition perfectly reflects the investors’ desire, combining rustic charm with the convenience of modern living.

The bedroom, as an oasis for regeneration and gaining strength, was created with comfort and tranquillity in mind. The homeowners wanted to combine a bedroom, dressing room and bathroom in one space. The raised ceiling made it possible to reveal elements of the roof structure and expose the old wood that is present throughout the house. The walk-through wardrobe is the perfect solution, connecting the bedroom to the bathroom, providing both functionality and aesthetics. A fan with a wooden finish adds character, creating an atmosphere conducive to tranquillity and relaxation.

The children’s rooms feature vibrant colours and elements dreamed of by the young residents, such as a trapeze climbing wall and a functional learning space.

The interior of this house exudes warmth and tranquillity, meeting both the needs of everyday life and the aesthetic desires of its inhabitants. It is a place that not only invites you to relax and unwind, but also inspires and surrounds you with positive energy, fostering harmonious relationships and the vitality of its inhabitants, inviting them to discover new experiences in a family atmosphere.

The project and its implementation were handled by the Dream Space architectural studio – Magdalena Lechowicz. The overriding values of this studio are a coherent combination of man, space and nature. In line with the studio’s motto ‘Architecture to Heal’, it is important to create conscious and sustainable designs. Spaces that promote living in harmony with nature. A place to live and work for better health and well-being. How do you like the interior of the house in Warsaw’s Zawady?

Design and text: Magdalena Lechowicz / Dream Space /
Interior decorator: Magdalena Nowakowska
Photos: Proste Angles / Paweł Biedrzycki /

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