The market square in Wolbrom will undergo an image makeover. The new concept puts the emphasis on greenery

The market square in Wolbrom is about to undergo major changes. As a result of a competition to develop an urban planning and architectural concept for the “Revitalisation of the market square in Wolbrom together with the historic buildings of the town” announced by the Mayor of the Town and Commune of Wolbrom, Adam Zielnik, the winning project was selected. It was made by a team consisting of: Karolina Szczepara, Katarzyna Orzechowska and Aleksandra Ryjak.

The task of the competition was to develop a concept of the shape and layout of the road system and pedestrian routes, possible cycle paths, paving, greenery, small architectural objects and the form of integration into the overall spatial layout of the city. The organiser has stipulated that the location of the existing buildings may not be significantly altered. The entire urban layout is to be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

The authors of the winning project focused on developing a coherent idea and aesthetics for the city, which they believe will emphasise its identity, with which the inhabitants will readily identify. Thanks to clearly defined goals and actions concerning the urban fabric, the development of Wolbrom will be visible, which will increase its aesthetic value and make it a more attractive place to live. The designed new green areas and health paths will support the activity of the elderly and provide a safe space for younger people to practice sports and meet outdoors.

Additional pedestrian crossings of busy streets and woonerfs with pedestrian priority will provide a safe space for Wolbrom residents. The new project involves improving communication in the city, designing a new city car park, creating an ecological path space among greenery and presenting a new vision for Wolbrom’s market square.

The market square in Wolbrom, surrounded by 19th-century townhouses, is the most historic and historic part of the town. It is currently very much dominated by vehicular traffic. The aim is to give this space back to pedestrians. The newly designed market square will be a venue for cultural events and daily meetings. In addition, it will become a real ‘heart of the city’, attracting representatives of all age groups. The designed space has a variety of zones for small and large groups and for people who wish to spend time there in solitude.

Rynek w Wolbromiu

The main idea is to place large green spaces on the market, which will provide shade on hot days and allow renewed contact with nature. The design of the market involves activating the space so that it becomes a frequently visited space by the townspeople. By levelling the floor, the market will become more accessible for people with disabilities and pedestrian traffic will be given priority over vehicular traffic. Until now, the town square resembled a roundabout around which cars moved. Drivers entering the market area will be forced to slow down and pay special attention to non-motorised people.

The use of a surface other than asphalt will give a clear signal to drivers that they are in a pedestrian priority zone. The designed paving involves using paving blocks that are currently on the market. Reclaiming the material will save capital and also give an identity rooted in the history of the site. The designed flooring uses TioCem technology (a highly engineered cement that helps purify the air).

Rynek w Wolbromiu

At the centre of the premise is a statue of Jan Kilinski, which gives symmetry to the design. The proposed greenery – most densely placed on the side of Krakowska Street – is intended to dampen noise from the voivodeship road, provide shade in summer to reduce heat build-up on the square’s slab, improve air quality, and attract insects and animals that are an integral part of a properly functioning ecosystem. The diverse seasonal vegetation will allow a variety of natural specimens to be enjoyed throughout the year.

Rynek w Wolbromiu

The square has been divided into water zones, with water flowing from each zone into pots of greenery or stored in two retention tanks located under the surface of the square. The water can be used later to irrigate the greenery and also to wash the market floor. Lighting has also been provided for in the design, consisting of low garden lamps located in the flower pots. They provide a soft light and give an intimate feel to the space. In addition, tall urban lamps have been proposed to illuminate the streets with strong light. Spotlights are proposed around the monument, the market space and at the fountain located opposite the town hall.

Rynek w Wolbromiu

“The designed new market square in Wolbrom is intended to give residents a safe space with differentiated smaller urban enclaves. Increasing the attractiveness of the market space should prevent the current residents from emigrating and attract tourists and investors, thus providing an opportunity to increase the municipality’s income. We hope that the implementation of the project will contribute to the revitalisation of social life and improve the aesthetics and functionality of the centre itself,” the architects write.

Authors of the project:

Mgr inż. arch. Karolina Szczepara | Lente Design studio
M.Sc. arch. Katarzyna Orzechowska
Mgr. inż. arch. Aleksandra Ryjak | ALE JAK Studio

Visualisations: Studio Bartosz Iwanow

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Katarzyna Orzechowska:

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