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The modernisation of Polna Street in Warsaw has been completed. It is now greener and friendlier

Polna Street in Warsaw has undergone comprehensive modernisation – from Trasa Łazienkowska to Plac Unii Lubelskiej. The project involved laying a new surface, improving the organisation of parking spaces, adding new trees and other vegetation. In addition, lighting and safety were improved – the old streetlights were replaced with energy-efficient ones, and new elevated pedestrian crossings were properly illuminated and marked.

“Polna has received a new surface and kerbs. It is even for drivers and, above all, comfortable for pedestrians – there is a brand new pavement. Parking has been tidied up, there is space for cars. Let’s remember what this street looked like not so long ago – all cluttered with cars. Now it’s safe here because all the pedestrian crossings have been elevated. It’s also greener – we’ve planted more than 20 new trees and we’ve spruced up the existing ones. We have also planted lots of roses, perennials and additional greenery. We haven’t forgotten about the new lighting – Warsaw pastorals have come to Polna,” says Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski.

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The modernisation works on Polna Street in the city centre, which lasted several months, included the removal of the old bituminous pavement and the laying of a new asphalt concrete surface. In addition, stone kerbs were installed and pavements made of concrete slabs. Stone paving has also appeared, especially on the parking spaces, now positioned perpendicular to the carriageway and pavement on the eastern side of the street. Motorists will be pleased to see new road markings, both vertical and horizontal. Electrical works included the replacement of the street lighting, where the old lamps were replaced with stylish ‘pastoral’ type lanterns (19 in total). In addition, new lamps were installed to illuminate the linden avenue in the vicinity of the XXVII Tadeusz Czacki Secondary School. All the new lanterns are environmentally friendly and equipped with LED technology. Safety at pedestrian crossings has been improved through their elevation, proper lighting and proper signage.

Photo Ewelina Lach

Greenery plantings have not been forgotten either. Twenty-two new trees have been added to the already very green street – 18 Dutch lime trees and four cherry plum trees. Some 2,000 new shrubs and perennials have also been planted, mainly groundcover roses in sunny areas and new grass where there is shade. As part of the Polna revitalisation project, the existing 97 trees underwent comprehensive arboricultural care and the tree bowls underwent restoration. Before planting new plants, a layer of old, barren and saline soil was replaced with fertile black earth, which promotes rapid and healthy plant growth.

“Polna Street, which we have completely transformed, is an example of how a city should change. This is exactly the kind of change we are after – transformation with a head. A transformation that everyone can benefit from, that is, both pedestrians and those in cars. Polna has been beautiful, and we are now embarking on other streets,” adds the capital’s mayor.

Source: um.warszawa.pl

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