The Neo-Renaissance townhouse on Nowogrodzka Street is going to be beautiful. The second stage of façade renovation begins

Thanks to financial support from the city, it has been possible to start the next stage of modernisation of the 19th-century tenement house at 48 Nowogrodzka Street in Warsaw. This time, the façade on the side of Pankiewicza Street will be renovated.

The corner tenement house at 48 Nowogrodzka Street is one of the most beautiful examples of metropolitan architecture with a Neo-Renaissance design in the entire capital. Erected between 1897 and 1898, the building survived World War II without major damage. Unfortunately, after the war, the grandiose exhibitions adorning the gables of the façade were demolished, reducing them to low, simple attics. The building lost a lot of its former elegance.

In 2022, the housing association that owns the building started to renovate the front façade. Due to the very high cost of the work, it had to be divided into parts. In the first stage, thanks to the financial support of the city, the façade from Nowogrodzka Street was renovated. The renovation of the façade from Pankiewicza Street, which is also co-financed by the City of Warsaw, began in 2024. The subsidy amounts to PLN 388,000.

The works on the side of Pankiewicza Street will be similar to those carried out two years ago. The surfaces of the walls, covered with ceramic tiles, will be cleaned by the renovation crews from the dark layers, and they will also remove the secondary cement fillings made where fittings were missing. The cleaned areas will be filled with restoration compound in the appropriate colour or new custom-made fittings will be installed.


Decorative elements made of plaster casts such as window frames or cornices will be reinforced, cleaned and completed. In the case of serious damage or loss, the conservators plan to reconstruct individual details. During this stage of the renovation, comprehensive conservation of the balconies with their richly decorated metal balustrades will be carried out.

All work will be carried out under strict ornithological supervision due to the protection of the birds that have their habitats there.


Photo: BSKZ

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