The patterns on the façade are reminiscent of a former townhouse. “Nowa Kurkowa” in Wrocław

The project is being built at 36 Kurkowa Street in Wrocław. Nowa Kurkowa is a residential building being constructed by Akademia Development. Its façade has just been unveiled, on which one can see applied patterns imitating the architectural details of the demolished tenement house.

The new building was designed by architects from the Pro Art Konopka studio. The investment is being built in Wrocław’s Nadodrze district. The investor informs that the façade of the building refers to a 19th-century tenement house and is its digital reflection. The building, which is modern on the outside, is to receive an interior design which will include symbols of the old building. It is planned to use stucco castings to decorate the spaces.

The flats to be built here are to be designed in a loft style. There will be a total of 66 flats, some of which will have characteristic bay windows. Their area will range from 30 to 63 square metres. In addition, three retail or service units will be created on the ground floor.

Of interest, however, is the unusual façade. The architects designed the façade on the basis of an inventory prepared before demolition. Special panels were applied with patterns that imitate the architectural details of the demolished building. The building was in a poor state of repair, had been removed from the register of historical monuments and had still been demolished by the previous owner. As we read in a message on the Facebook page of the Pro Art. Konopka studio, the Department for the Protection of Monuments in Wrocław did not agree to the reconstruction of the original façade, so they decided to commemorate the history of the place by making a linear drawing.

For a more interesting and longer-lasting effect, fluted StoDeco panels from STO were used instead of the usual painting, which will eventually still be painted. Appropriate thicknesses and line profiles were selected so as to achieve a distinctive drawing. Thenatural ageing of the façade is intentional and will have the effect of enhancing the details, adding to the patina of the whole,” the architects from Pro Art Konopka wrote on their Facebook page on 26 April.

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design: Pro-Art Konopka

photos: Wrocław – Building investments

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The tenement house at Kurkowa 36 in 2017. in the photos you can see the details that were reproduced on the new building:

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